Winter Reads to Devour.

Winter is upon us. Last Sunday we had a few wet snowflakes fall from the sky. It was almost like the heavens opened up and decided to throw small, wet snowballs our way. 

Regardless, I loved it. 

I really, really enjoy winter. Well, I enjoy every season in Eastern Iowa, but I am fond of winter. At work, we have many acres of native prairie. When I have a moment to walk the trails I see evidence of fall on the way out, ushering in the new season. 

The grasshoppers and butterflies are gone. They've moved on, leaving a few spiders is all.

The woods are still alive with activity. Birds, squirrels, deer, and mammals of every sort. The blessing of being able to work in such a place where I can enjoy the change in the seasons is surreal. For the last 10 years I've observed the change in seasons from a window, or enjoyed it only on weekends.

Welcoming winter means enjoying fall. We participate in communal silent meditative walks with others, I pull my yoga mat outside, and John keeps busy with new chores.

Our Jotul wood stove is our primary heat source, and because this is our first winter in the cabin we have no idea how much wood we will need. John is splitting wood almost daily, slowing chipping away at the very large pile of logs that accumulated when we cleared a half acre of timber for our cabin.

Other preparations for winter include strategically stocking our small deep freezer with veggies from our CSA, chickens from a local Amish family, and beef from my dad.

I'm also stocking up on winter reads. Books to keep my mind sharp and stimulated, even when my body is cozy and more sedentary.  One thing you should know about my reading choices is that they are very eclectic, and I'd like to share some of my favorite odd-ball titles with you:

Enjoy this transition to winter, friends. We sure will.

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  1. Wonderful read! I'm so jealous of your job at the nature school. Enjoy this beautiful time of the year. I do!


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