Simply Living Simply.

My oh my, how things have changed for John and I over the last 4 months. We began building our dream cabin in March, moved into our camper on the property in June, moved into the cabin in mid-July, and have been simply living simply for the last two months.

Every night, and I mean every night, one of us makes a comment about how blessed we are to have found this property, connected with each of the subcontractors on our build, and have the ability to work to pay for this dream cabin. It was hard work. Very, very hard at times. We don't take a moment of that for granted and are grateful that everything worked out relatively smoothly.

Now, we live simply. We have peace and quiet. We savor moments on this homestead. While we both still work 'in town' daily, it doesn't tarnish this experience at all. If you thought we lived simply before, I can't wait to see your comments about how our lifestyle has transformed in the recent past.

For example, we are producing honey right here on our homestead. This year was a small harvest of about a gallon of raw honey since our hives are just getting established. I am proud of the beekeeper I've become, especially because my confidence in working my bees alone has grown.

Our build was stressful, especially at the end, but our builder was amazing. He is 69 years young, and with his son, step-son, and nephew they took into consideration that we wanted a very eco-conscious build. Every scrap of untreated lumber was salvaged for us to burn in our campfire and in our Jotul wood stove. All of the lumber and pine log scraps were untreated, except for the front porch floor. This simple initiative to salvage these materials was important to us.

When John and I had a free moment this summer, we positioned ourselves near the log splitter and split.all.the.wood. (So many blisters.) We traded our beautiful office furniture from our old home for a log splitter with John's sister and brother-in-law. Bartering and trading is the essence of simple living.

Our modest home will be heated solely with wood heat. We have no furnace and no central air conditioning. We do have a Mitsubishi mini-split for air conditioning in the summer, and it does have a heat setting so if we travel we are able to keep the pipes from freezing.

Our small log home has very few of the modern amenities that most homes have, like central heating and cooling, a dishwasher, a microwave, a television, and cell service. As John and I were planning this home a year ago, we knew we needed only plumbing and septic, clean water, access to wifi, and electric access. Simple.

These few conveniences meant we had to deal with very unkept property for a while.

Because we are all-electric with no LP gas on our property, we will begin to transition to renewable energy in the form of solar power. This is somewhat complicated, but will eventually accentuate our desire to live simply and be off-grid.

Our ladies are hanging in there after an attack from a neighbor dog, and keep providing us eggs day after day. They munch on bugs and weed seeds and provide us with endless simple entertainment.

Our rooster, Louie the Lavender Orpington, is a hoot. He thinks he's a human, and I am not going to break the truth to him. (You can see some of Louie's antics on our Instagram page.)

For fun, when we aren't working on this cabin, I hike with Manny and Bruce or read in our hammock.

We do not have cable television (we haven't for many years, actually), but in this cabin we don't get many antenna channels. So, we moved the TV to the basement to be stored until we decide if we want to part with it. That's right: We don't have an operable TV.

When we want to watch something we pull up a show or movie on Netflix (on John's playlist is Sons of Anarchy and mine has Shameless) about once a week or so. Instead we read, John plays guitar, I spend some time in the kitchen, or we hang with the pups.

Our work lives are still pretty busy, but the moment we step foot on our property, things become calm, peaceful, and simple.

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  1. It was so great to read an update! Your new home looks beautiful and peaceful.

  2. Enjoy your blog, especially the pictures! Good job with the bees!!!!
    I'm reading from Vancouver Island, BC Canada, a senior lady working my own 6000 lot with townhouse on it, lots of flowers, no food ... rabbits ate it all. ha!
    ann lee s

  3. Simple living kind of thing that everyone should need to follow. It can be very easy and give you inner peace. Using solar energy is best renewable energy source we have so using it the best what we got. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Aaawwww sooo cute. They look great. You just tool us back into the memory lane amd recalled all the memories we made as a kid. I remember making forts with pillows when indoors


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