The birds. A train. The air.

I was sitting in the hammock, and an overwhelming sense of contentment washed over me. The pretty white rope hammock with stained wood holding it open at each end was strung between two wimpy trees in the middle of our property.

To say it's been months, maybe more than a year, since I've felt such contentment is no exaggeration. Since August I've been in a whirlpool of work stress, selling our beloved home, building a cabin, my sister's beautiful winter wedding, health concerns with family members, and the passing of our dear niece. Contentment wasn't really a feeling I would experience more than briefly after a good meal or after finding a snuggly nest of bunnies, for example.

Laying in that hammock on a breezy, sunny spring Saturday made me feel content. It was glorious. And fleeting. The daily stressors of work and life always manage to creep in.

Our home, as you see on Instagram, is coming together wonderfully. When it's all completed, we'll have 744 square feet of living space + a little loft to call home. Adding a 6'x24' covered porch and an unfinished basement for laundry and a deep freezer, and you have the total sum of our blood, sweat, and many (many!) tears since we broke ground on March 1st.

It's on this 4 acre parcel that I can hear the birds - song birds, predatory birds, migratory waterfowl, and several fat turkeys - they all bring me joy. We can hear a train in the distance; really the only sound of modern transportation aside from the occasional vehicle that passes by on our gravel road. The air smells sweet, like a budding spring tree or crisp pine.

Contentment sounds like birds and trains, and smells like pure air.

Contentment is not minding that the trees that hold our hammock aren't ideal. Maybe we'll move it a bit closer to the cabin when it's completed?

Bruce doesn't mind either. Everything is exactly as it should be.

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  1. Sometimes the work stress is too much and we should take out some more time for ourselves. An open breeze atmosphere is all we needed to take out our stresses. Its great that you have hammock and birds sounds that makes your mind relief and content. Stay happy.


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