Urban Homestead Meal Plan - Week of 3/6

Was your weekend as busy as mine? It seemed like I didn't have a moment to relax, and it all caught up to me on Sunday afternoon. We've only just begun our log cabin build, so I am a little nervous to see how crazy things will get as the project continues.
In days like these when my schedule is packed more full than I would like, it's extra important for me to be mindful of my eating choices. I had a follow up appointment with a doctor regarding a possible health issue we've been monitoring, and she gave me a pretty swift kick in the pants to get back on track.
"On track" basically means a modified paleo diet, which includes:
  • No dairy or wheat for 3 months (elimination diet to see if I have a sensitivity)
  • No refined sugars
  • As close to 8 cups of vegetables a day as possible
  • Lean proteins daily
  • Healthy fats daily (avocado, coconut oil, nuts, etc.)
Let's just say, I am spending more time grocery shopping for fresh produce than I ever have. I cannot wait until I can start growing my own food again, if even for the cost savings. It's been pretty easy to reduce our consumption of waste, even thought we're grocery shopping more.

In an effort to be more transparent with you and serve as a realistic inspiration for a zero waste lifestyle, I am sharing photos of our temporary kitchen on Instagram. I'll also be sharing photos and tips with how we reduce our consumption of goods in order to have less of an impact on our environment. 


In this week's meal plan (which is sometimes a photo of our menu board in our kitchen, sometimes a screenshot of my Real Plans, sometimes a simple list with links to recipes), you'll find several homegrown or local item from our urban homestead. Of course, there will be a few repeats throughout the week since we try to eat in-season and lots of leftovers for lunch. Breakfast is usually a smoothie or steel cut oats; something that can be prepared quickly in the morning. 

Monday - Homemade marinara sauce + ground pork over quinoa and a spinach salad
Tuesday - Paleo-approved meatloaf and roasted squash cubes
Wednesday - Spinach + goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts and steamed mixed veggies 
Thursday - Baked salmon over quinoa and roasted cauliflower
Friday - Veggie frittata with salsa
Saturday - Whole roasted chicken with some sort of vegetable on the side
Sunday - Chicken salad and whatever vegetable I can pull from the pantry.

It might seem complicating to eat locally and in season, but we actually get the bulk of our meal plan ideas from Real Plans. You can go here to learn more!




  1. Thats cool that you have planned what you wanana cook and eat. I wish my mom does the same thing...

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