Urban Homestead Meal Plan - Week of 12/12

This is our last full week in our home! 

I can hardly believe it. We've spent the last 8+ years in this gorgeous, historic home and we'll be leaving it soon. My friends Jenn and Abby are doing a great job helping me keep the right frame of mind: "It's only a few months in a rental apartment" and "Think of this as an opportunity to save money" and "You'll soon have your dream cabin". 

As a result of our move, this week's meal plan will include using up the last of the frozen vegetables in our freezer, as well as some other pantry staples. We have a little beef left that we'll enjoy, as well as some fresh fish that we purchase from our favorite food co-op. 

In this week's meal plan (which is sometimes a photo of our menu board in our kitchen, sometimes a screenshot of my Real Plans, sometimes a simple list with links to recipes), you'll find several homegrown or local item from our urban homestead. Of course, there will be a few repeats throughout the week since we try to eat in-season and lots of leftovers for lunch. Breakfast is usually a smoothie or steel cut oats; something that can be prepared quickly in the morning. 

Monday - Seasoned rice with a little bit of ground beef and steamed mixed vegetables
Tuesday - Baked tilapia with a pepper, onion, and mushroom stir fry
Wednesday - Butternut squash soup
Thursday - Eggs in Purgatory with a side of brown basmati rice
Friday - Spiced steak in the cast iron skillet and steamed mixed vegetables
Saturday - "Grain Brain" recipe Sesame Chicken with lemon-garlic sauce and a half sweet potato
Sunday - "Grain Brain" recipe Salmon Roasted in Butter and Almonds and steamed vegetables

It might seem complicating to eat locally and in season, but we actually get the bulk of our meal plan ideas from Real Plans. You can go here to learn more!


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