How peppermint essential oil changed the way I poop.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. In fact, I have no medical experience whatsoever. That's why you shouldn't take any of my words on essential oils as medical advice. I'm simply sharing my experiences with essential oils and how we use them for our own health and in our home. Please use good judgement and seek medical advice from a professional for any ailment.

There are several essential oils that I use on the daily.

Like lavender and cedar wood. And Believe. And Deep Relief. (Because y'all know my whole body basically aches at the end of a long day of sitting with teachers, hunched over my laptop, right?)

There's another special oil that I use a couple times a week for a very specific purpose, and that's Young Living peppermint essential oil and I use it to help me poop.

Yep. We're going there. Let's just get all up in this topic, ok? It's important that we can talk about pooping without shame. I mean, we should be pooping every day for optimal health. Sometimes, whether it be due to poor diet, or stress, or lack of activity, or medications, or any variety of reasons...we just don't poop every day.

Can you imagine the discomfort? I can. I get bloated and constipated at the sight of dairy products! If I have a week of a really poor diet and no physical activity, it's not uncommon for me to go three days without pooping. THREE. DAYS.

I'll ask you again: Can you imagine the discomfort?!

That's where peppermint oil comes into play.

When I am feeling really cruddy, I simply rub some DiGize on my belly and lower back, then drop a couple drops of peppermint oil into the toilet bowl and have a seat.

That's it.

If things happen naturally, it's thanks to Young Living peppermint essential oil supporting my body's own functions.

Sometimes things don't happen naturally, which means I wait about an hour and repeat this process.

There are other ways people use peppermint essential oil to help them poop, but this method is not invasive at all, nor does it require any ingesting of oils or a diffuser. I would NOT recommend using any other brand of essential oil; you want the highest quality you can get your hands on, and that is Young Living.

Ready to get oily? 

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  5. So the oil makes you poop? How is it like a laxative if you are not drinking/consuming it


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