Overwhelmed by 'Things'.

John and I went on a vacation in early June. We lived in our camper. We cooked over the fire every night. We spent a great amount of time outdoors.

It was much like our vacation last summer, but there was something a little different when we returned.

When we came back, I had this feeling that there was too much.

To much to take care of, to maintain, to worry about, to fret over. It wasn't the outdoor space of our urban homestead, rather the indoor space.

Too many floors to sweep, dog hair to clean off the furniture, dishes and plates (that we don't use) in the cupboards (half of which are empty).

Too many clothes in the closet, of which I wear only about 8 shirts and a few pair of shorts and pants.

I don't know, guys. I felt like there was all this stuff in our lives that we don't need. All of this excess. This is pretty weird, because y'all know we are borderline minimalists. And, John and I camp a lot so this feeling isn't due to the contrast in our vacation environment and our home environment.

Hell, we even lived in the camper for over a year (John for longer...). We are accustomed to living 'small', but when we returned from this weeklong camping trip, I couldn't shake the feeling of being overwhelmed by too many things. 

Then, I was scrolling Facebook - because when one feels overwhelmed by 'things', why not clog your brain more by reading about other peoples' stuff - an former colleague posted a picture of his weekly recycling, asking his Facebook friends to help him come up with alternatives to the plastic that he's recycling each week. This reignited a spark in me when it comes to the stuff - the items, the trash, the consumables - in our lives.

I just have too much stuff! I have too many things! There is too much to sort, to clean, to take care of. I think this means clearing this physical space in order to have a happier, clearer mental space.

It also means savoring the things that make our hearts pitter-patter.: A solid meal from our backyard. Good music on Pandora (check out the Hipster BBQ station) and busting out the power tools.

 It's time for us to take a step back this summer.

No more things. More cleaning and purging and donating.

More experiences. More conversations. More creating. More growing. More loving.

Do you get overwhelmed by things? Literally, by possessions? What do to do to shake the feeling? 

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  1. Totally did the same thing when we came home from a 2 week RV vacation, too! 7 bags to the thrift store! More to come tomorrow!! The hubs has joined the effort, too!

  2. We are going to visit our kid in Alaska, and I always come home feeling that way as they live in a one room cabin and don't have a house full of stuff. I know I'll come home in 3 weeks and will begin to simplify. Again. Hopefully this time it will stay out of my life! I am so looking forward to getting rid of the excess!

  3. I always feel overwhelmed with things. My husband and I were somewhat hoarders. I've recovered, he is still working on it. Our house has way less stuff than what it used to have but it is still too much for me!

  4. I always feel overwhelmed with things. My husband and I were somewhat hoarders. I've recovered, he is still working on it. Our house has way less stuff than what it used to have but it is still too much for me!

  5. When we built three years ago, I wanted the vibe of the house to be like a cabin that you rent out for vacation, with only what you need and not one thing more. It worked. It is an annoyance sometimes though, how little things can trickle in. I get itchy scratchy and wonder why I'm feeling overloaded and then it dawns on me and I get everything out of the house that found it's way in. (Fortunately it never takes long and is usually just a bag of stuff, but every little thing contributes to brain clutter.) Three years as a minimalist now and each month I continue to learn something new. I'm not sure if minimalism is a destination so much as a life journey. Having very few things works for us and was the catalyst for a much happier life. But like I said, it's a journey for sure. I never want to go back to how I was before. Thank you for your post.

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