The Sustainable Couple "Events" - say what?!

Have you lurked around the site lately, and noticed this little tab?

Yep, that little Events tab at the top of this blog. That's what I'm talking about. It's a new feature to this blog, so I won't be upset if you haven't noticed it before now. Although, I'd like to chat with you about these "events", because they are mighty wonderful.

Over the last 6 months John and I have been wracking our brains to think of a way to broaden our circle. Of course, my mind immediately went to ways to grow this blog, and broaden our virtual circle. The majority of our readers are not from Eastern Iowa, so it only made sense to begin thinking of ways to expand our reach beyond our immediate community.

John, being the realist and baseline to my impulsive personality, very calmly and precisely asked why I wasn't utilizing my skillset with readers and people in Eastern Iowa. A question this simple was all it took to stop me in my tracks.

Guys. I'd been planning The Sustainable Couple all wrong. For 4 of the last 6 months I was thinking about stats and numbers and reach and visibility and monetization and all things blog. It was really the readers and people in our neighborhood that we are underserving; those folks who we have the ability to meet with face-to-face. I'm talking about our physical circle of influence in our community.

I'm a teacher, and John also has experience in education in the electrical industry. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge on sustainable living that we've shared on this blog for a few years, but realized it's that face-to-face style of learning that people really want.

Don't panic! We will still be blogging here on a weekly basis and have a solid presence on social media. Our face-to-face learning is in addition to the awesomeness already on The Sustainable Couple.

Over the last 2 months in particular, we dug into our values and explored our vital priorities with The Sustainable Couple. They are, in no particular order:

1. Our physical and emotional health

2. The Sustainable Couple endeavors (classes, great content, building networks of like-minded people, and essential oils)

3. The pursuit of people

This is why you see the Events tab on John and I are pleased to announce that we are officially team teaching sustainable living, urban farming, and essential oil classes to the general public. Many of these classes will be free, only a few will have a small cost for materials, and all of them will focus on our passion: Empowering YOU to live a natural, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. All face-to-face events or classes we host will focus on one of our 3 vital priorities.

Maybe your vital priorities align with ours? Maybe you are interested in some of the things you've read on The Sustainable Couple over the years?

Wonderful! We can't wait to see you at a local event. We can't wait to shake your hand, collaborate with you, and build a network of sustainable living advocates.

See you soon!

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  1. Congrats to you my friend! I'd love to buzz up to Marion this summer for a day with you and possibly attend a class!

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