Moving Our Bodies With Live Healthy Iowa.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, but I was given a free $20 enrollment for the Live Healthy Iowa Challenge by the Iowa Food and Family Project. All opinions in this post and others related to this topic are solely my own. 

I was raised by parents and grandparents who were of the mindset that if one is physically working and moving their body like they should be throughout the day, there is no need for a gym membership. Exercise for the purpose of exercise really didn't exist, because daily tasks would keep one moderately physically fit.

Like riding a horse. Bareback.

It probably helps that I was raised by a long line of farmers, who worked on very physically demanding jobs and tasks on a daily basis.

My life is somewhat similar to that of my parents. Actually, no, it's not very similar at all. A few months out of the year I am incredibly busy with physically active urban farming duties, but that is form about May to October. By the time November rolls around, I turn into a slug. Over the years this meant that I put on quite a bit of weight. Pound by pound over the last 6 or 7 years, I gained about 20 pounds. I don't know exactly how much weight I gained because I didn't weigh myself regularly.

Earlier this fall John and I made a commitment to reclaim our health. (I won't disclose exactly what led us to this path yet, but I will eventually. I promise. No, I'm not pregnant. Chill out.)

We purged our pantry of nearly all processed foods and got ourselves a gym membership. This meant that we no longer have breakfast cereals in our home (John's weakness) or a variety of crackers in th pantry (my weakness).

Beyond moving our bodies and eating a low carb, low sugar, whole foods diet, I am involved in a book study called The Daniel Plan and part of a state-wide wellness challenge.

Can I tell you something? We love working out at the small 24-hour gym that's about 8 blocks from our home. It's quiet. It's clean. The facility is nice and updated. And we're losing weight! In the month of December, John and I were at the gym for 26 days out of 31. (Our gym keeps records of key fob swipes, yay!) It's looking like we'll have nearly perfect attendance for January. We keep each other accountable, with our diet and exercise goals.

We are also part of a state-wide Live Healthy Iowa Challenge, which makes going to the gym - dare I say it - fun. The Live Healthy Iowa Challenge is a 10-week healthy living competition that encourages participants to get active or lose weight, or both.

I am on a team of 10 other Iowa bloggers, and over the next 10 weeks we will be blogging about our health and wellness goals, fun recipes, and successes and challenges we encounter. We are sponsored by the Iowa Food and Family Project.

If you would like to follow along, be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. We will be sharing a lot there. You can also creep around on some of my teammates at the links below:

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Anna & Sam from Love and Porc
Visit their Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram

I would welcome any fitness advice you have to share. Do you workout regularly? What is your motivation? Please leave a comment!

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  1. Building muscle is key to maintaining a healthy weight. Don't be afraid to lift weights- muscle increases your metabolism like while you're sitting around, you can eat MORE calories with more muscle, and the toning looks great!

    1. Great tip! I really like lifting weights, especially upper body.

  2. Excited to follow along with you guys! Winter is hard! I have the same problem...much more active from May-October. Thankfully with three kids at home I'm rarely sitting and doing nothing....but at the same time I'm not actively lifting weights and doing the cardio I'd like to like in the winter months. Ugh!

    1. P.S. Finley is staring at your dogs on the screen yelling "Puppies!!!"

    2. Yep. Winter is killing me right now. As in, I am dressed in my workout clothes, but actually getting myself to the car to go is harder than it seems.

  3. Love it! So excited to see how we do!!

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