How 4 Hens Brought Our Neighborhood Together.

I spent a lot of time talking about chickens. So much so, that I think I know my friends have this notion that all I do is sit outside their coop door and wait for them to do something cute. That is, when I'm not knitting them sweaters or taking them for walks in their chicken strollers.

(I'm looking at you Kara. And Jim...)

Hopefully you recognized that those descriptions were dripping in sarcasm. I do not, in fact, prance throughout the neighborhood with my chickens in a stroller. I can barely knit a square (but I am trying!). In fact, my hens don't like being picked up very much, which explains my lack of recent chicken selfies on Facebook.

The real reason I talk about my girls so much is because I love them. Not like Manny and Bruce. Or John. Or Jesus. But I love them. They give us eggs, and protect my garden from grubs and insects, they kill mice, and they compost our kitchen scraps. They're fun to watch, especially when they run.

John and I both enjoy sharing stories about our backyard chickens because they've brought our neighborhood together. They've made friends out of strangers.

The day we bought our chicks 2 years ago, this handsome dude helped with the whole process, from start to finish. 

My dad and brother retrofitted an old shed to be a beautiful chicken coop, and John made the run.

Our neighbors probably raised a couple eyebrows at us in the beginning, because things didn't look very beautiful initially.

Once spring hit and the birds were old enough to live outside in their coop (away from a heat lamp), that's when we really began to bond with our neighbors. We would come home from work and sit in a lawnchair watching the girls and picking snacks for ourselves from the garden.

Friends and neighbors would stop by and ask to hold a chicken. Or touch a chicken. Or just get a closer look. For many people who were raised in the city, a simple animal like a hen is just not something they encounter everyday.

Each time we talked with a passerby about these birds, we took an opportunity to teach them about what chickens eat (pretty much anything), where they sleep (on a roosting bar), how many eggs they lay (around 1 every day or two for the first year!), and more.

Soon enough, John and I would be inside and hear kids laughing near the backyard. They would be standing outside the fence, pointing and giggling at the girls scratching for bugs in the landscaping. Or wondering how the heck a hen got on top of our picnic table.

It's easy for you to see how these four hens brought our neighborhood together, right?

This simply isn't an experience that people get everyday. We are so proud to offer that in our city of 40,000+ citizens.

The more we can teach show people where their food comes from, the better. It just makes our hearts soar.

So, now you know. You can stop tagging me in chicken sweater photos on Facebook any day now. (Just kidding, Jim. I'll always be the King Pin Chicken Farmer around these parts.) 


  1. And that lil dude still loves to come and visit them! Checking on them to make sure they are doing their jobs and laying those eggs!

    1. Also, I'll buy you that chicken stroller for your birthday! :P

    2. Girl, you know we love having him tend to the ladies!

  2. Interesting, and your hens look lovely, too. I also have 4 hens at home, but luckily, they seems to love to be picked up. Thanks for sharing your story.

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