Hi, I'm Kelli. And I'm back.

I'm so happy to be back. After about 3 weeks 'off' of blogging (so I could get acclimated to the new school year again), I am refocused and energized. 

My job really is awesome. I am a coach, or mentor, for beginning teachers in Eastern Iowa. I travel to three different school districts (5 buildings) to work with 15 teachers, ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade in all subject areas. Just last week I snuck into my 2nd grade teacher's classroom, and one of her students said, "Hey, your mom is here!"

My teacher said, "Oh, she's not old enough to be my mom, but maybe she is about your mom's age." 

The student replied, "She looks like she's 60."


I also have lots of non-school life update things to share with you! 

For the most part, the month of August entailed working in the backyard, which means tending our explosively bountiful garden, the chickens, and generally making sure the place doesn't look like too much of an eyesore.

Let's face it, when you have a lot of urban farming things happening, the aesthetic isn't always pleasing.  However, harvesting massive tomatoes was a nice consolation.

A couple weeks ago marked a first for me as well. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I bought a pork butt roast from the meat counter of a great local grocery store, and failed to realize that the butt was both shrink wrapped, wrapped in plastic, and then in butcher paper. I seasoned the frozen, shrink wrapped meat and then cooked that f'ing pork butt for 8 hours on low and found this at the end of the day:

I threw the butt away. 

John and I had some friends move in a few blocks away, so we spent some time hanging at their place too. We're having a bit of an Indian Summer right now, and I'm not complaining. 

Especially when this is the view on Friday nights when watching my nephew play football. Holy cow are our Iowa sunsets stunning, or what? 

My dad harvested honey from two of his hives about a week ago and gave me a big jar of their first batch of honey. I can't wait to start cooking with it! They also dug a bunch of taters for us, and gave me my great-grandmother's writing desk.

The desk found a home in our little meditation room. I doubt I will actually use the desk for, you know, writing, but it is a beautiful family heirloom to have around.

We also purchased a hog from my parents and had it processed at our favorite locker (Fairbank Locker in Fairbank for those of you who are in Eastern Iowa!). It feels awesome to have a full deep freezer. Between the pork, tomatoes that I froze whole to process later, strawberries, blueberries, sweet corn, and carrots, I think we will be set for a while. It sure makes meal planning easier.

I have also been attending a few essential oil classes this summer. About a year ago we really started using essential oils for their aromatic and immune support benefits. I enjoy learning about how other people are using oils, hearing testimonials, and experimenting when using them in our home. John and I are more conscious of how important gut health is for our day-to-day comfort. We started taking a probiotic and drinking a couple ounces of a wolf berry juice each day. Our guts are killin' it right now.

Tell me about your summer. What are you up to lately? Fill me in on all the things I've missed in the last 3 weeks!

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