Eastern Iowa's "Shero Experience" is More Than a Wellness Conference.

As I head back to work for the school year, I find myself in this weird place, emotionally. I am refreshed from my summer off and eager to reconnect with my teachers and colleagues. Yet, there's something in my soul that will miss being in my home and urban homestead for many hours each day. I really enjoy my career, and I am blessed to have found a passion in sustainable living. This week, heading back to work means more time in a career that I enjoy, but less time with a passion that brings me such delight. 

A friend, Jackie, visited me a few weeks ago to check out the garden, the chickens, and chat about an event that is close to her heart. Her passion.

"When it feels good, people want to share it," Jackie Fetter, founder of The Shero Experience said.

She's referring to the 2015 event that will take place on September 4th in Eastern Iowa. The Shero Experience is a business, wellness, and nutrition conference wrapped up into one day. But it's not your typical conference or personal development seminar. The big difference with Shero, according to Jackie, is that attendees are given the support and encouragement to go home after the conference and continue to practice what they've learned.

In fact, "Shero" is a combination of the words "she" and "hero" is intended to honor women through their own empowerment, and from the empowerment of others.

Attendees will hear from a variety of speakers in the health and wellness arena, and participate in breakout sessions of their choice, which could include yoga, meditation, kayaking, zip-lining, salsa dancing, and more.

"We want attendees to feel fresh, vibrant, and strong - both physically and emotionally. We want them empowered to make a change, " Jackie said. "It's a positivity event."

You might also notice that The Shero Experience will allow attendees to get up and moving, actively participating in the whole day, from 8:30am to 4pm.

One of the highlights of the Shero Experience 2015 is Ernestine Shepard, the world's oldest female body builder, who will speak about aging gracefully and with wellness, enabling women of all ages to reclaim their health. A lot of speakers will bring a unique message and share in the learning experience.

Attendees are encouraged to take their new learning from Shero and implement changes into their lives, jobs, families, and thought processes. They can expect less nutritional sessions, because there is a backlog of nutrition and cooking classes in Eastern Iowa already. The sessions will instead focus on the other areas of health and wellness, which aren't necessarily as accessible or available to attendees.

This will be an event to meet people with a purpose, and make genuine connections with people of similar interests. People of all backgrounds will be under one roof in a relaxed environment.

"Expect a karmic circle of good energy going through the whole day," Jackie said. 

If you want to attend The Shero Experience, you can buy your tickets using the widget below, or go here. 

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