4 Ways to Enjoy Cabbage.

Today's post is from Erin of Turner Farm Living. She and her family have a CSA and farm in Montana, with cabbage being one of the crops they offer. She's going to give us the skinny on some of her family's favorite ways to eat cabbage. 

Cabbage is one of those veggies that got a bad rap over the generations and for a long time has had a bad reputation. I mean, who in their right mind, would prefer the classic steamed cabbage in its limpy form over a crisp, green salad? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about…cabbage got a bad rap and it’s taken many years for it to turn around.

As of late though, cabbage is starting to rally and its popularity ranking is climbing rapidly in the vegetable! Thanks to the farmers, chefs and foodies who were willing to give cabbage a second chance and explore more exciting uses than the ol’ standby…steamed cabbage!

It also helps that cabbage is loaded full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which prevent cancer. The health benefits of cabbage are enormous and the medical community has recognized these benefits and they promote the consumption of cabbage for a healthy lifestyle.

On our farm, we grow a couple hundred cabbage plants. We grow a variety specifically grown for sauerkraut and every fall we make hundreds of pounds of kraut for our family and our loyal customers. But we also grow a couple other varieties for fresh eating. It is one of our mainstays in our family’s diet. We love cabbage…even our sons thoroughly enjoy cabbage on a regular basis.

One of the things I love most about cabbage is its ability to store for a long time in the refrigerator. Nothing frustrates me more than having a bunch of lettuce go bad after just a few days! So, when I discovered that cabbage is hardy and rarely goes bad, it made me a complete fan!

Here are our four favorite ways to enjoy fresh cabbage here at Turner Farms:

Shredded and used instead of lettuce.

Every Tuesday is Taco night here on the farm which is an easy and fun meal each week! I just set up a Taco bar and the family roams through and creates their own Mexican creation. Instead of doing shredded lettuce, we always have shredded cabbage available. It adds outstanding crunch in the tacos and makes for an incredible taco salad. I like adding in some chopped cilantro to the shredded cabbage for extra flavor!

Sautéed in Sesame Oil

This has to be one of my family’s favorite vegetable dishes! It is so easy and it’s so full of flavor! I simply slice the cabbage as thin as a nickel and also mince up 2 cloves of fresh garlic. Meanwhile I heat up two tablespoons of toasted sesame oil in large fry pan. Once the oil reaches temperature, then I add the cabbage and garlic. I sprinkle it with a little salt and pepper. Then sauté it until the cabbage is thoroughly heat through but still semi-crunchy. I like to sprinkle a few sesame seeds on the top before serving.


Have you tried this one yet? It roamed around Pinterest a few years back and it is another terrific way to enjoy fresh cabbage. I cut the cabbages into small single serving wedges. Then I place each wedge on a piece of tin foil. Before wrapping, I place a pat of butter, salt and pepper on the wedge. Then I wrap the tin foil up tightly. Once I have all the tin foil packets, then I place them on a baking sheet and pop into a 400F degree oven for 20 minutes or until the cabbage is fork tender (but still has a little crunch!). Remove from oven and place a packet on each plate.


I know it’s totally cliche and boring to include coleslaw in this list! But, this coleslaw recipe is legendary in our family. My husband and his brother owned a restaurant when we first got married. Since it was 80 miles from where we lived, they had their father manage and run it. My father-in-law was a food lover and had very particular taste. So, when it came to coleslaw, he was a fanatic about have the right sauce for the slaw. Many a cook attempted and failed! But finally, after years of testing and failures, one cook hit the nail on the head! The entire family agreed this was one special recipe! It became famous amongst the customers and people loved it. The bar was sold, my father-in-law has passed on but the family still enjoys this coleslaw recipe for all our special occasions! 

 I make up the sauce and have it in the refrigerator for a last minute side dish or a quick lunch. I simple shred or thinly slice my fresh cabbage and then lightly pour the sauce over it and toss until well coated! You can add shredded carrots and other add-ins as well! Here is the special recipe for the outstanding sauce:

1 cup Mayo 
1/3 cup sour cream 
¼ cup buttermilk 
½ tablespoon sugar 
1 Tbsp lemon juice 
Mix all ingredients together well until the sugar is dissolved. Refrigerate overnight for the best flavor. Pour over shredded cabbage and toss well.

I am pretty sure that if you try any of these methods using cabbage, you will agree with me that cabbage is completely under appreciated and it truly deserves a second chance in the culinary world! With cabbage season upon us, I encourage you to explore either of these 4 methods or the many other options for a tasty dish of cabbage!

What’s your favorite way to prepare cabbage?


  1. We love raw cabbage with a soy/vinegar sauce, green onions and sunflower seeds. A great dish for a summer pot luck.

    1. And I bet the cabbage would hold the dressing for a while without going soggy!

  2. I'm just wondering if the 1/2 sugar is 1/2 cup?


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