May Garden Update

Hi friends! My apologies for not posting much beyond the weekly Mostly Homemade Mondays posts the last couple weeks. I am finishing up the school year with 15 first- and second-year teachers, and we're all in survival mode right now. It feels great to make major headway with my teachers, but it's also very exhausting.

One of the things that rejuvenates my spirits each day is spending time in our backyard. I'd love to show you what's growing and blooming!

My peony bushes are budding, but not quite in bloom just yet. Bruce, however, is very excited. Can you see him? 

Last summer I lost a large lilac bush in a storm, and this bare patch of dirt remained after I adjusted the landscaping. The chickens love this little patch of dirt for their daily dust baths, but I need to figure out how to get those roots out of the ground. They're kind of a hazard.

My rain barrels are still rocking my world, too.

Now, for a few photos of our backyard and garden area:

While I was wandering the backyard, the ladies were being nosey. They always seem to think I have treats.

To be fair, I pretend I have things in my hands to I can snatch them up for a selfie.

Let's look at the garden area, since that's where I am growing the good stuff.

The carrots and beans are nearly all up, and I'm succession planting spinach and lettuce in this bed. I hope it looks more lush in a few weeks.

We don't have a privacy fence in our backyard, but we do have these bushes that are flowering right now. Aren't the pretty?

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