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Our old home has several treasures that, when we were house-hunting 6 years ago, made this the perfect house for us. The original woodwork, the tall ceilings, the updated 'big stuff' like roof, siding, and appliances. When it comes to the layout of our home, we actually like not having an open-concept home. We like having defined rooms in our home, and especially love the little sitting rooms that are attached to the two upstairs bedrooms. 

In our master bedroom we turned the little sitting room into a meditation area. I'd like to show you what we've done to that simple space, and share a few essential oils that I diffuse while meditating. 

First, when you enter our master bedroom, this is what you see:

Ignore the curtains, I have a plan for them this spring. There's a little room in the cupula of our home, which is a place for us to stretch, do a little yoga (ha!), pray, and meditate.

It's a pretty good sized room, and it's simply decorated since it is connected to our work-in-progress master bedroom.

I have a few trunks stacked in here as a makeshift nightstand, a soft lamp, an essential oil diffuser, a pillow, an exercise mat and a yoga mat.

I also have my Bible and Lutheran Book of Prayer. I don't read them daily, but when I find myself, a friend, or a family member in crisis, I often go to my Book of Prayer to find the words to pray for them (or myself…).

I love that this little room has windows! They overlook the front yard…

…and the natural beauty of the world that so many people think you can't find while living in the city.

My favorite Young Living oils to diffuse while meditating, from most to least favorite, are: 

  1. Believe
  2. Frankincense
  3. Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
  4. Vetiver
  5. Cedarwood
  6. Joy
You can catch up on our essential oil series by heading to the following posts for more specific information:

Interested in getting your hands on some oils? 
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  1. Neat room. Thanks for sharing. I've been using oils for years with laundry and cleaning. I just recently purchased 2 different diffusers and am using oils topically and internally. So much to learn :) I love that room!

  2. your talent in decorating and your inside beauty are evident is all you do, Kelli! as well as all you give~ Blessings to you~

  3. You have such a lovely home!:)

  4. Hiii
    I really appreciate your work...Very informative post!!!
    Thanks for the valuable information...That was all great to know!!!
    Keep up the great work...

  5. It is very inspiring, thanks!
    Deep meditation for your and peace of mind all year

  6. wo love to live at this place beautiful setting. also check thank you letter samples for donations

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