Hosting a Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop in 5 Easy Steps

This is a sponsored post from Julia Dotson of Wildtree. I was compensated with Wildtree products for our freezer meals. All opinions herein are my own. 

I need to be real with you. 

I've never hosted or attended a freezer meal party until a few weeks ago. It's simply because in our household, it's just John and I. So many times these freezer meal parties are geared towards large families that are too busy to cook.

I need to admit that I kind of felt left out. I didn't fit that demographic, and even though I am also sometimes too busy to cook, I don't want huge meals to feed 6 people in my freezer. 

Then I heard about Wildtree, and how a gal named Julia has structured freezer meal workshops to fit into everyone's lifestyle. Even small families. I got my hands on some Wildtree products and, with Julia's help, began to organize my freezer meal workshop with some of my family members who also have 2-3 people in their household. 

First, here's what I came to love about Wildtree products: 

1. Nearly all of their items are organic. This includes their 
2. There is no MSG. None. At all. 
3. According to Julia, Wildtree freezer meal workshops "help cooking become easy. Cooking is no longer a chore." 
4. They are lower in sugar and sodium than the majority nationally known brands
5. You can use their seasonings, spices, and oils fresh in daily cooking or in freezer meals. 

The 10 freezer meals my mom, sister, sister-in-law, and I made (that were perfectly portioned for 2 people) were: 
  • Honey Balsamic Chicken
  • Italian Chicken Medallions
  • Italian Flank Steak
  • Hearty and Delicious Meatloaf
  • Adobo Grilled Chicken
  • Spanish-style Shrimp
  • Chipotle Lime Chicken in the Slow Cooker
  • Chipotle Lime Chicken Fajitas
  • Best Burgers Ever
  • Smoked Mozzarella Chicken

(To read about the aforementioned Wildtree products, just go here where you can explore the recipes, products, and testimonials.)

This was our first freezer meal workshop, and it went off without a hitch! I'd love to share 5 of the easy success tips that made our afternoon go smoothly. 

Step 1: Gather your ingredients and set your work stations.

In order to keep everything organized (which is key for a successful freezer meal workshop) you should have one area for working, and another area for the majority of the ingredients. 

We stacked 90% of the ingredients on my mom's kitchen table, and then set our individual work stations at her long kitchen island (see more pics below). 

Step 2: Everyone gets 2-3 recipes to make for the whole group. 

We were making 10 different recipes for 4 different couples/families. So, everyone got a copy of the recipe packet with the recipes they are to make circled. 

We also wrote special instructions on the recipe packet. For us, we were doubling each recipe and dividing it among 4 bags (or couples). The benefit of giving each person a packet of recipes is so they can recreate these recipes at home after the workshop.

Step 3: Take your time. 

You can't crank out 10 freezer meals in an hour. It's not possible. Grab you materials and tools, and settle in for a few hours. We needed about 2 1/2 to 3 hours from start to finish.

Somewhere throughout the process, I guarantee you will run out of an ingredient or have to make a substitution. Just roll with it. Ask the group if they have a preference on the substitution you have to make, and move on.

Step 4: Clean up as you go. 

It's going to be messy. Your kitchen will look like a hot mess.

Like any good cook, try to clean as you go. Or do like me and delegate your husband to be a dishwasher. 

Step 5: Clearly label all bags. 

Julia was wonderful and had OfficeMax print a bunch of freezer bag labels for us. All I had to do was pick them up! On the bags we had cooking instructions, ingredients needed, and other special instructions. 

While we were prepping the freezer meals, we divided them among 4 piles so they were ready for the freezer.

 Julia Dotson, Wildtree rep from Missouri graciously supplied us with our Wildtree items for this freezer meal workshop. She also gave us a ton of information on the benefits of meal planning, the nutritional value of coconut oil and grapeseed oil in comparison to other oils, and the affordability of Wildtree products in comparison to grocery store brands.

You can even host a virtual freezer meal workshop with Julia! She will mail you a packet of information to get you started, ship the Wildtree supplies to you, and video or conference call with you before, during, and after your workshop.

To learn more about Wildtree or hosting a virtual freezer meal party, email Julia at You can also find her on Facebook

Have you ever hosted or attended a freezer meal party before? Tell us about it!


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  3. This looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends!


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