It's been 14 days since we embarked on this challenge to eat no processed food. That's 14 days of no ranch dressing, no tortilla chips, no pre-made sauces or processed canned goods.

It was hard. Very hard, at times. And I won't lie - I didn't make it some days. There was the afternoon that I bought a Tear and Share bag of peanut M&M's. And the afternoon that I had one of the most delicious burgers of my life, followed by a gourmet cupcake.

So, yes, I didn't complete the challenge to 100% accuracy. But you know what did happen? I lost 9 pounds. I feel better. My digestive system is regulated. I had more energy (after about 2 days of exhaustion at first). 

What was the hardest part about the challenge? 

  • Dining out with friends and deciphering the menu
  • Carefully planning meals to not include processed items
  • Finding alternatives for our favorite processed foods
  • Fighting the mid-day snack urges
  • Keeping healthy snacks on hand
  • Preparing for the week by doing food prep

What will we keep doing? 

  • John wants to eat less bread, especially commercially produced bread products
  • I'd like to go through my spice drawer and toss old spice blends that aren't 100% natural or organic
  • Being intentional about meal planning to include as little processed items as possible
  • Dining out only once every two weeks, avoiding any restaurant that has a drive-thru window
  • Eat in season to stretch our dollar 
  • Shopping Aldi's organic section and New Pioneer Food Co-op
The challenge may be done, but the awesomeness isn't over! We still have a giveaway going on for Iowa's Tiny Popcorn and Simply Organic paprika. Enter to win using the form below:

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  1. I usually just go with salt on my popcorn ... maybe a little cheese sprinkle too.

  2. Aldi's has an organic section?? We are just getting an Aldi's---as in it's being built from the ground up---and I thought is was just a discount grocery chain.

  3. Romaine lettuce is a great way to replace bread for your sandwiches. Growing I always ate my hamburger without a bun, forks work just as well for that. ;) Good luck!

  4. I love black pepper on my popcorn!

  5. I have been eating my popcorn just plain but I like to make it with salt and sugar.

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