1920's Dutch Colonial Home Tour from the Twin Cities!

I am honored to bring you a tour that I've anticipated for quite some time, featuring my sweet cousin Kristy's beautifully adorned home. Kristy is my oldest cousin on my dad's side of the family, and we cousins were all very lucky to have grown up only a few miles apart as children. {I even remember going to Kristy's high school volleyball games with her dad, my uncle, to cheer her on. That was almost 20 years ago, but she still is a tall, leggy fox :) } 

When we were emailing back and forth to prepare for this post, we agreed that while it's been years since we were physically close as children, it's so interesting to see how much we still have in common. Especially when it comes to reclaimed, up cycled decor. 

It doesn't get much more sustainable than that. 

Here's Kristy. 

Hello and welcome to my 1920s Dutch Colonial home! It’s cozy, a little quirky and bursting with character, a lot like my family of four. Jeremy, Kristy, Harrison (2) & Hattie Mae (1).

Our home is situated in the historic Edina Morningside neighborhood in the Twin Cities where we are already starting to catch glimpses of winter. So, please come inside. It’s starting to get cold out there.

One of my favorite things about our home is all of our DIY projects and beloved flea market treasures. Our coffee table is one such treasure. I found it for $40 at a flea market outside of Boston. It used to be a kitchen table but I cut the legs down, painted it a soft whisper blue and voila! coffee table.

And how about that dining room table? A $100 garage sale mega-treasure found whilst hitting the garage sales hard with my mom and sisters. To be fair, my mom spotted it first and is the one who actually bought it but I think we all knew that it belonged in my dining room.

We wrapped up our kitchen remodel about a year ago. We were rushing to get it done before Hattie Mae arrived. Thankfully, she decided to enter the world approximately 24 hours after I put on the last coat of paint in here.

Our kitchen is fairly snug but I love that it forces me to ask the question, “Do I really need this item?” I’ve discovered that there are so many things can be repurposed and even more that are just not essential.

This is Harrison’s bedroom. He is obsessed with the color blue. He evens plan on having two blue cats in his future (blue) home with a blue oven full of hot dogs, of course. Also, notice the barn in the corner - a nod to our Kennon family-farming heritage, which I credit with a good portion of my resourcefulness. It’s in the genes.

Oh, and his green antique bedframe. It’s a $10 flea market find from the north shore of Massachusetts. Still makes me swoon.

I dream of renovating our original 1920s bathroom someday but, until then, I am trying to focus on it’s lovely bright light, classic black and white tile and gorgeous windows.

The master bedroom is actually two rooms that are connected together. Shortly after Harrison’s arrival, we decided to move our bed into the back room and use the former bedroom as a dressing room. Our bedroom now feels like a peaceful sanctuary, which is such a treat to have when raising two young and energetic kiddos.

I love that Hattie Mae’s bedroom reflects her joyful personality. I had a sense about her before she was born having selected the “I like Smile Time” letterpress long before her arrival.

Oh, and that lovely pink dresser is an heirloom piece having belonged to my great, great grandmother Elizabeth. Apparently Hattie Mae even looks like her.

Thanks for visiting!

What do you think? Leave Kristy some love, and tell us a little bit about your home. What's your favorite part about your home? What makes it special? 

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  1. Beautiful home tour! loving your kitchen and living room!

  2. what a beautiful home, I love it. The kitchen is awesome. I would like a small kitchen but I would have to have a big pantry, lol. My favorite thing about our home is that my dad built it.And it is our family "home" and all are welcome. :) Thanks for sharing your home with us.

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