Urban Garden & Chicken Update: September 2014

Early in the summer, my backyard looked like this:

It was young, green, and oh-so-new. Now, however, the summer is coming to an end and my garden is nearly done for the year. I am not planting many fall crops this year, since I am working a new job and will not have the time to care for the garden like last year. Sadly, a fall garden would likely be a waste of money this year.

Here's what my garden and coop looks like now:

We've managed to harvest a lot from our six raised beds. In fact, we harvested well more than we could eat fresh, so we've shared with family, friends, and neighbors. We've also preserved (canned and froze, mostly) a good amount of our harvest. This makes me feel better about not planting a fall garden, and seeing those newly-empty raised beds.

I was most impressed with my carrots this year. They were the easiest veg to grow, and required no maintenance, except some early-season thinning.

We also froze several quart baggies of banana, bell, and jalapeño peppers. Our peppers did FANTASTIC this year, and I wish I knew why so I could replicate it next year.

Our onion harvest was pretty good, but I will have to do some research next year on how I can improve the yield. We got enough red and white onions to eat fresh for the next few months, but I was hoping for even more so I could dice and freeze onions for quick soup and casserole additions.

We also harvested our potatoes, planted in 5-gallon buckets. The turnout was pretty underwhelming, actually. Here's the YouTube video:

In case you're wondering: No, the chickens haven't started laying yet. I think sometime this fall they'll start laying, and will likely take a break over the winter.

As much as I'd love for them to start laying ASAP, I really don't mind. They're super fun to watch, and are making short work of all my spend garden produce and plants.

They're totally pulling their weight in my garden, which is significantly offsetting my feed costs (which has only been 1 bag of organic chick starter and 1 bag of organic layer feed since I bought them in May…)

Do you have a garden or chickens? What are you harvesting? Did you plant any fall veggies? 

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