Savory BLT Wontons

It's impossible not to love a juicy BLT sandwich this time of year. Especially when that sandwich is made from a homegrown tomato, quality bacon, homemade mayo, and has a few extra ingredients (like a slice of swiss cheese, green pepper strips, and sliced onion).

Imagine my disappointment when one evening we ran out of my homemade bread, yet had all the other ingredients for a BLT sandwich.

Enter, the Savory BLT Wonton. 

It just so happened that I had some wonton wrappers leftover, and heard that by spritzing the wrappers with oil and baking them on a cookie sheet, one could achieve a crispy, cracker-like wrapper that is perfect for layering fresh ingredients.

Here's what you'll need:
  • Wonton wrappers, around 4-6 per person, depending on if this is a meal or an appetizer. 
  • Cooked, chopped bacon
  • Real mayo (make my homemade version)
  • Green peppers, sliced thin
  • Shredded swiss cheese
  • Cherry tomatoes, quartered
  • Lettuce, torn into small pieces 
1. Lightly spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray, and lay your wonton wrappers down. Spritz the tops of the wrappers with cooking spray. (We use this spritzer for olive oil, instead of cooking spray.)

2. Bake the wonton wrappers at 350* for about 5-8 minutes, or until they are golden brown. It won't take long, so don't wander away from the kitchen!

3. While the wonton sheets are cooling, assemble all your ingredients. Then, smear some mayo onto each crispy wonton sheet.

4. Layer your ingredients however you'd like!

John was initially skeptical. I think his exact words were, "This is the whole meal?". Don't be fooled, these Savory BLT Wontons are filling, but light enough not to weigh you down. Does that make sense?

What variations would you top on a crispy wonton sheet? 

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  1. Looks yummy! What kind of oil spritzer do you use? I haven't found one that doesn't clog.

    1. I use the Pampered Chef Spritzer. Here's a link:


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