DIY Dry Erase Calendar From an Old Window.

First, I want to share a post on Travel Iowa. Several Iowa food bloggers and I collaborated on a piece featuring our favorite "summer tastes" throughout the state. I featured a barbecue joint in Marion. GO HERE TO READ THE FULL STORY.

This post was originally published in December of 2011. Since posting this DIY dry erase calendar, I've gifted the finished product to my momma. She still uses this calendar today, and it sits in a prominent place on the desk in her kitchen. Please excuse the poor quality of photos in this post. I trust you can overlook that, and see this is one EASY project that anyone can crank out in an afternoon. Enjoy!


I'm all about planning my days, weeks, and months. In fact, because John and I lead very independently busy lives our Sunday night pillow talk often consists of our obligations for the coming week. A quirky calendar is essential for our home. 

Lame. I know. 

One of my crafty colleagues showed me her awesome DIY dry erase calendar and, with a few adjustments, I bring you my own rendition. 

To make a dry erase calendar, follow these instructions: 

Find a unique old window from a thrift or antique store. This one was $15.

Sand some of the paint off the frame to 'rough it up' a bit. You want this to look distressed. 

Gather up some craft paint and paint swatch samples from a hardware store. You will need four different colors of paint swatches, with seven of each color.

Randomly brush on one of your colors of paint that matches your paint swatches. 
And paint on the second color of paint. 

After your paint has dried, run your sander over the frame again. You want to remove almost all of the colored paint you just added to give it a distressed look. 

Wash down the window very well, and lay out your paint swatches. I would recommend bringing your paint swatches to the place where you buy your window to be sure you can fit seven swatches in a row. 

Treat the window pane with a special glass cleaner to remove all residue. Then gather your Mod Podge and a paintbrush. 

Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge to the colored side of the swatch. 

Flip the window over, and put the sticky side down. 

Repeat the process, using a ruler or something to make sure your rows of swatches are relatively straight. It's OK if they aren't perfect - you want it to look rustic. 

Allow the Mod Podge to affix the paint swatches to the window. Once it dries your window should look nice and clear. 

Lastly, using scrapbook stickers or a permanent window marker add a place to write the month and label the columns for each day of the week.

How do you stay organized? Do you have a planner or calendar in your home to keep you on point? Share with me, please!

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