May 2012: I'm Cheating in My Garden

This post was originally published in May 2012. I was having some trouble with my soil and my plants were suffering. In a last ditch effort, I used a 'store-bought' fertilizer that you mix with water on my garden. That year, as I recall, was not a great year for my garden.  Feel free to enjoy learning from my mistakes, and laugh at my misfortune. 

It's my turn to eat my words. I pride myself in growing a very "natural" garden.

What I mean by natural garden is that I don't use chemicals or adjust my soil, other than composting or applying animal fertilizer. 

But this year is different. I have three new raised beds, in addition to my traditional garden. I had to "make" my soil and mix it with soil, fertilizer and compost. (Yes, it was hard work. BIG thank you to my parents for helping John and I on a wet Saturday afternoon!)

However, because I made this soil, I knew I would be lacking some essential nutrients to grow luscious, healthy plants. 

So, I'm cheating. 

There. I said it. As much as it hurts my teacher ears to hear myself say that I am a cheater, it feels good to get it off my chest. 

I am cheating in my garden. 

I am applying Miracle Grow to my tomatoes and peppers. And Bruce is eating cow poop from the garden. 

We're quite the pair. 

Don't judge me. They need the nutrients to grow! My soil isn't healthy! Please, for the love of my tomatoes - just throw me a bone here!

What does John think about me cheating in my garden? 

Is he gasping in horror? 

Is he shaking his head in disapproval? 

Is he giving me the stink eye? 

Doesn't look like it.

Other than sob at your misfortune, what do you do when your garden just isn't looking so hot?

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