A Hearty, Easy Soup Featuring PORK (Iowa Food & Family Project)

This post was originally published for the Iowa Food and Family Project "Join My Journey". Each month Kristin Porter from Iowa Girl Eats will be visiting family farms and businesses to learn about the Iowa ingredients that make their way to our plates at home and in restaurants. She and the Iowa Food and Family Project have invited Iowa food and lifestyle bloggers to contribute to this journey. In May, Kristin and the gang are exploring pork.

I would love it if you would keep up with all of the great posts on the Iowa Food and Family Project's "Join My Journey". I'll be submitting recipes and stories throughout the summer with a group of fantastic Iowa bloggers, and hope you'll follow along!


When I graduated from West Central High School in Maynard almost 11 years ago, I couldn't wait to get as far away as possible from the corn fields and hogs on my parents' Northeast Iowa farm (pictured below).

After all, I had a 'sweet' car (red Chevy Cavalier anyone?), a little cash in my pocket from my part-time job (Oelwein Happy Joes!), and a 10-month lease on a crappy apartment in Cedar Rapids. I was ready for college and ready to leave behind the farming lifestyle that, although I didn't know it at the time, made me the sustainable living and urban agriculture advocate that I am today. 

Fast forward to the present: I'm married to a 'townie' (a person who's never lived on a farm or has very little agriculture exposure), and we're doing everything we can to transform our normal home in the middle of Marion into a thriving city homestead. Complete with a massive garden and backyard chickens. 


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