John's Spring 2014 Traveling Adventure!

My man is on the road again! Well, he's technically been all set up at his new job site and campground for a few weeks, but that's neither here nor there. Point is, after finishing nearly four months of work near Birmingham, Alabama, he is now moving on. A few weeks ago he got a call from a friend and colleague in the Little Rock area to return to a nuclear facility as an electrical supervisor. Of course, he took the call, as he's worked there twice before, enjoys the job and his coworkers, likes the area, and the pay and benefits are great.

There is a downside: He had just one week between jobs, instead of his usual month or two off. So, John drive six hours from the Birmingham area to his new campsite near Little Rock, and set up camp. A few hours later, after a quick nap and a bite to eat, he hopped back in the truck and headed for home: Eastern Iowa. John spent exactly seven days at home, which was absolutely wonderful. He is now back in Arkansas and on the job.

While he was home we spent time with family and friends and enjoyed a few nights out:

We also worked on our chicken house:

And, finally, we relaxed, even if it was only a little bit.

As usual, I have made extended travel plans to visit him in Arkansas, but you won't notice a difference in the content of this blog, because I have some great things planned. {And I have wi-fi at the campground…} My stay with John this spring will be very much like the month I spent with him in Alabama this winter, and I can't wait!

John will be home from Arkansas on June 8th, and will stay home through September. That's another bonus for this job - he'll get a whole summer off. You'll recall he missed all of last summer due to a job.

So, what will I be doing to prepare for more traveling adventures this spring? 

1. I will move my seedlings to our garage before I leave so they can get natural sunlight and be easily accessible for our house sitter.

2. I will substitute teach like crazy to save money for being off for 20+ days.

3. I'll finish our coop and run, which is basically putting in a roosting bar and attempting to landscape around it (weather permitting). I will basically have my chicken coop and run all set up and ready for my return home. I anticipate getting my pullets and moving them outdoors in May, depending on the weather. I know this is a bit later than most people, but by now you've figured out that I don't operate like most people :)

4. Spend time with family and friends. I'm so incredibly fortunate to have a husband who works hard for our family .While I think my sacrifices are hard, his are more. I'll be spending my spring being grateful, and living for the moment.

What about you? Anything exciting on your agenda this spring?

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  1. I'm happy you two can spend the summer together at home! We have no big plans. Just looking forward to sipping tropical drinks on patios.


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