How We Travel With Happy Dogs.

Oftentimes I get questions from friends and readers, wondering what we do with Manny and Bruce when John is traveling and I visit him. We take them with us, of course! It makes no sense, both financially and due to our flexible travel arrangements, to leave them behind. These pooches are our family, and since they were pups we've been training them to travel well.

Thankfully, Manny and Bruce are great travelers - even for very long distances. If they're with us, they're happy. Simple as that. However, it took a lot of practice and car time to get where we are today.

Think about it: Does your dog jump all over the car while you're driving? What about bark and whine the whole time? Drop a deuce in the backseat for you to smell until the next pit stop? Want to ride on your lap? All of those things are distracting and dangerous! And, we've also been there, done that. Especially with Bruce and the backseat poo.


Here's what we do to ensure Manny and Bruce travel comfortably with us, and enjoy the destination when we arrive.

Ensuring They Travel Well: 

  • Blanket in the backseat
  • Bowl {with lid} of food 
  • Empty bowl for water
  • Rawhides or chew toys
  • Poop bags
  • Leashes 
  • We always let them out when we stop, no matter what. They can sniff and poo, and it helps us humans with driving fatigue as well. 
  • There's no riding in the front seat. Period. 
  • We only crack the back windows. Bruce is a wild man, and we think he might be a jumper. 

Things We Always Keep in the Camper: 

**Note: 90% of the time, when we travel, it is in our camper. This enables us to save money, have our own space, and bring our dogs with no hassle or worry. This is their home away from home. Ours, too.

  • A bed
  • Treats, toys, and rawhides (the same as at home)
  • More poop bags
  • Nail clippers
  • Shampoo
  • Comfortable harness' and leashes (that always stay in the camper)
  • A rag to wipe dirty paws
  • A blanket over the couch (oh, the dog hair…) 

When We Arrive At Our Destination: 

  • We walk the campground, and scratch and sniff (John, too)
  • We let Manny and Bruce chill outside on their tie out
  • We have food and water inside AND outside, as well as their little Breezy Bunk outside

There are times when we can't bring Manny and Bruce with us. And for that reason we rely on our favorite pet sitter, Dea Jo at the.Petsitter. We understand many of you aren't able to take your pets (of any species) with you, as well. Consider hiring a dog sitter for your home, rather than boarding a pet in a facility. It's more comfortable for your pet, and less work for you.

What are some things you've done to train your dogs to be happy travelers? Any tips for us? Share them in the Comments!


  1. What happy dogs! Thanks for the tips. We need to do some more work regarding our dog and riding in the car since he gets wound up. How often does the pet sitter visit the house? We are boarding our dog for the first time but for a shorter trip or when husband is gone, would consider a pet sitter.

    1. When we are gone for a long weekend or can't take our dogs with us, our petsitter will come in the early morning, around noon, and maybe once or twice in the evening. She spends 30 minutes each trip (on a walk, in the backyard, etc.) and charges $15 per visit. Although, I think she has a discount for multiple visits. She also gets our mail, open/closes blinds, leaves a light on, and checks the house. We decided to do a pet sitter because boarding was too stressful for our dogs, and it was VERY costly around here. Plus, it is easier for us :)

  2. I always buckle my dogs in the back seat. Keeps them contained and safe, otherwise they are flying objects if in a wreck. They also feel more secure. I do cover the back seat with a blanket or cover; one to save the leather and two, to make it more comfortable and less slippery for the pups. Toys, food and water. I always take bottled water for them for sure during drive time. Don't want any sickness in car!

  3. Some good tips for traveling with your adorable dogs. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  4. Do you have a picture of the Breezy Bunk? We take our 2 dogs camping every time we go & they love it! Our travel trailer is parked at a storage lot. From the minute we park it in the driveway a few days before leaving on a camping trip until we leave, they are excited! ��

    1. I don't think I do :/ Although, it looks exactly like one of those camp chairs that you get in the bag, except there is no back to the chair and it sits really low to the ground. Like 6 inches off the ground. I love it because it folds up into its own bag, too! Here's a link to something similar:


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