Views From An Alabama Rocking Chair.

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I recently returned home to our home in Eastern Iowa after a wonderful three-and-a-half weeks in Central and Southern Alabama.

John has been working near Jasper, Alabama since the beginning of December and will be there until the end of March. While he was able to come home for 3 days over Christmas, and we met up in Mexico to celebrate his sister’s 50th birthday, we had no intentions to spend this much time apart. However, due to John leaving for Alabama on very short notice (like, 24 hours notice - that’s just how his occupation works sometimes...) I was unable to go with him right when he left.

I followed through with a few sub jobs I was hired for, saved a ton of money in January on a spending strike, and prepared for February when I would spend the majority of the month living in a camper with my homestud.


Before you think I am rubbing salt in the winter-Iowa-weather-wound, rest assured that I was in Alabama during the not one but TWO of the worst ice and snow storms to hit that area in the last 25 years.

For about two days - on TWO OCCASIONS - I was literally trapped with the rest of the Alabamian’s and Georgian’s. A thick layer of ice crippled a region that is underprepared for winter weather.

 Regardless, there were a handful - literally, five - days of 60* weather when capris and a light sweater were sufficient.

I spent my days blogging, especially working on some great posts for the coming months. Eeeek!

And reading, and cooking, and junking, and socializing with the other traveling wives in the campground…

...and seeing the local sights, and snuggling with the dogs, and going for walks, and doing John’s laundry…

...and cleaning the camper, and having evening campfires, and simply enjoying my time with John.

Since John will be home, probably, at the end of March {cross your fingers}. I plan to hang around the ol’ city homestead and prepare my garden for spring. There’s no telling where he will go next, or when he’ll leave for that matter, so I want to sub as much as possible and see friends and family before the next adventure.

Also, some backyard chickens might be on my agenda, which is totally worth preparing for.


  1. Hope ya'll enjoyed your time here in Alabama, the beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

    1. Thanks, Felecia - we loved your state, and I hope to return sometime soon!

  2. Enjoyed this post and also the one with John about why he travels. It looks like you two have a good time when you travel together and I thought it was great that your husband said he doesn't mind traveling because it helps others. Very nice!

    1. Thanks, Jody! We really enjoy our time together, and love meeting new people.


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