Q&A with John: What Do You Do For a Living?

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The more I blog about the travel that John and I do {which 99% of said traveling is due to John’s occupation}, the more questions I get from family and friends. I know many of you readers have similar questions. I thought it would be best to let John describe what he does and how it works for him {and us} in his own words.

So, with a bit of prompting from me in the form of questions, here’s the homestud in my life:

What do you do for a living? 

I am union electrician with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), which provides me the opportunity to work out of different hiring halls around the country. I will go anywhere help is needed in the continental United States.

Why do you travel around the US - can’t you just get a job in your hometown like everybody else?

I travel for work for several reasons, one is I like to see other parts of the country. I also believe taking care of others is important. The IBEW is all about brotherhood. I am more able to travel since we don’t have kids and my wife has a flexible working arrangement. Doing so allows other journeymen with kids (and other situations that makes it tougher to travel) to stay at home and work. There might come a time where I need or want to work around home. Now is not that time.

Do you enjoy traveling around for your job? What’s the best part? The worst part?

I do enjoy traveling. The best part is meeting new people, seeing new places, and also getting to see some old friends when returning to places I have already been. You get to know people and see familiar faces. It truly is a small world. The worst part would be the packing up and the driving for hours upon hours. Alabama was about 13 hours from home. That was a tough drive. It helps knowing that I will stay in that area for a while, but once in a blue moon I’ll have to pack up and turn around after a short period of time. That’s not fun.

How do you know where to stay, especially when you’re gone for several months at a time?

When I know where I’m, going I usually just call around or “Google it”. I look for different camp sites, and we are also Good Sam Club member, which provides lists of camping areas as well. It’s helpful that I know people from hiring halls all over the country, so I just network and somebody somewhere knows of a cool campground where I can park the fifth-wheel. Sometimes I only get a few days notice before I head out to a job, so I have to make arrangements pretty quick. If I’m not happy with a campground, I’ll just find a different place after I’ve been there and move.

Is it hard to be away from home for so long?

It is hard sometimes when I'm away from friends and family, but when my wife gets to come along that keeps me from being too homesick. I also like that I have my own space by having a fifth-wheel. Staying in hotels is expensive (sometimes I don’t get a per diem wage) and it’s harder to get settled.

How do you handle being away from your wife, family, and friends {and dogs} for so long?

When I am away for a long time, usually I'm working a lot, so I don't really have time to think about things like that. I’m working ten or twelve hours a day, at least six to seven days a week. At that point it is probably tougher on my wife. When I get home from work every day, I eat dinner, talk with my wife on the phone or over Skype for a while, and go to bed. When, or if, I get a day off I spend it doing laundry or grocery shopping for the week (unless my wife is around).

What else do you guys want to know? Shoot me a question in the comments and I’ll have John respond when he gets a chance.


  1. Replies
    1. Right?! I'm glad we've had the chance to experience this lifestyle :)

  2. John, you are a homestud! You guys have built such an amazing lifestyle and will have such amazing stories to share with future generations.

  3. I love that you and your husband do this together! I love it! There are so many parts of this country I wish I could see!

  4. Very interesting. That is great that you are able to travel together from time to time. Has there ever been a place that John has wanted to visit again or has become a regular at because he enjoys it so much?

  5. This was fun to get to know your husband and learn more about his job.


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