Five Things I Dig {February}

One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 is to be extra aware of things that make me happy, and to celebrate that happiness as often as possible. I was thinking the other day that there are so many ideas, products, people, blogs, and simply pleasures that fit this bill. Of course, many of them are eco-friendly or sustainable in nature, but not always.

Maybe some of the things that make me happy will bring you joy, too. Let me share five things that I dig this month:

1. Happy Money Saver {blog}

I’m a fixer by nature. When I see something that needs reworking, I feel compelled to make it better. Oftentimes I look around my home and see little things that can be reorganized or decluttered to make it a more useful, functional space.

One blog that I really dig that helps me be more organized and intentional in my practices is Happy Money Saver. Check out some of my favorite printables, and you’ll see why I am a frequent reader.

2. My Pantry and Deep Freeze

I love having a little storehouse of goods at my disposal, especially so when those goods are from my own garden or livestock raised by my parents. Whether I am greeted with a jar of strawberry jam or a ham bone I’ve saved for a rich bean soup, opening that pantry or deep freeze lid gives me a deep sense of security and sustainability. John and I do not consider ourselves preppers, but we are very frugal and conscious of our spending. We’ve adopted a very ‘old school’ mentality when it comes to consumption of goods, and last month’s spending strike has clarified that our practices are right in line with our beliefs. We’re even excited to continue some of the habits we developed last month during the strike.

3. Family time

Over the past 3 weeks or so, I’ve spent a lot of time with my family and my in-laws. A family vacation to Mexico, dinners with my in-laws, the unforeseen passing of my aunt {which brought us together for a weekend}, and a trip to southern Alabama to visit my grandparents brought me closer to my family - both distant and immediate.

What a busy and fun month I’ve had, and it only gets better. I’ll be heading to the Birmingham, Alabama area to stay with John for a month. He’s been working at a steam plant since the beginning of December and will likely be there through March. I can’t wait to canoodle with my man.

4. Revision SPF 45 Tinted Facial Moisturizer

A few years ago when my sister was working in esthetics at a medical spa, she gave me a sample of a tinted facial moisturizer that had a crazy high SPF {which is very important to me} that is supposed to be very compatible with sensitive skin. I’ve tried several concealers, moisturizers and sunscreen products - essentially those BB creams that are uber popular right now. None of them looked right with my fair, freckled skin, but after trying the samples from Stephanie, I was hooked! I ordered a full-sized tube immediately and have found this is one of the only moisturizer/concealer/sunscreen products that won’t irritate my skin or look pasty.

You can buy that cream here:

You can also buy a cheaper, drug store alternative here:
{I’ve tried this one for several months and keep it in my purse as a back-up. It’s the only drugstore product that has come close to the Revision product.}

5. Seashell Projects from Pinterest

Last week I was in Orange Beach, Alabama visiting my grandparents, and I spent a considerable amount of time walking the beach. One afternoon my mom and I collected a big bag full of beautiful seashells. After cruising Pinterest, I have a bunch of crafty plans for these shells. Here are a few of my favorites: 

What about you? What is bringing a smile to your face these days?

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