Spending Strike: Day 9 - Packing Luggage to Avoid Fees

Traveling is important to John and I; after all, John travels for work about 6 to 9 months out of the year, and I quit my job so I could substitute teach and travel with him. For that reason, we're not going to sacrifice something that important to us for our spending strike. Instead, we're going to do both.

We're going to take a trip to Mexico with John's sisters and their families, and do it without breaking our spending strike.

I know what you're thinking: Trips to Mexico aren't free unless we're stowing away in the belly of the plane. You're right. We actually booked our trip to Mexico over the summer. One of John's sisters turns 50, and she planned a trip for everyone to celebrate with her on the warm, sunny, sandy beaches of Playa del Carmen. We paid for our trip a few months ago, so technically we aren't breaking our strike.


To make sure we don't spend any money while we are en route to Mexico or while down there, we have a few simple strategies that we'll be using and sharing over the next few days. Hopefully this will help us stay on track when the time comes.

Travel Tip #1: Carefully Pack Luggage to Avoid Weight Fees

Here's a little glimpse of my suitcase:

Of course, it's not totally packed yet since we're not leaving for a while, but you get the idea: Roll those clothes - pack 'em in tight! Snugly nest your two pair shoes. Yes, only two pair, people! Can your swimsuit wrap double as a scarf at night, or while on the plane? Pack a small cosmetic bag with essential items, and there's no need to pack a blowdryer. Hotels have those in rooms now.

Airlines charge an extra fee for heavy luggage. Trust me, I had a heavy bag a few years ago and my dad had to fork over almost $50 for the additional weight. The weight limit is 50 pounds, so make sure you weigh that bag before leaving home!

We don't have one of those fancy luggage scales, so I'm simply going to stand on the scale without the suitcase, then step on while bear-hugging the suitcase to figure out the luggage weight. Yeah, it's a pretty hillbilly system, don't judge.

Here are the numbers -

Money Spent Today: $0
Running Total: $0
Money We Didn't Spend: $50 {avoided an 'overweight luggage' fee}

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