Spending Strike: Day 5 - Making the Most of the Library

I was thinkin' the other day and thought to myself, "Self, if this spending strike is going to do anything for you, it will open you up to the many, many budgeting and saving strategies out there."

Let's think about it: How many people do you know right now that are saving money for a trip, or paying off debt, or are simply being conscious of where their money goes? Probably a lot, right? And it's likely that all of those people are using a different strategy to help them along the way.

In a few days, Ally from Ally's Sweet and Savory Eats will be sharing how she and her family paid off a boat load of debt {$12,000} in just 13 months. It's really an amazing, personal story. If you want to read a little teaser, go here.

When it comes to budgeting or saving money, not everyone needs to follow a 'curriculum' or a predetermined set of rules. Some people (ahem, not me...) can wing it and find success. I have really enjoyed reading your money-saving tips in the comments of this post and have one of my own to share with you today.

Use Your Library!

I am a regular at our local library. I use their wifi when our signal isn't so great (which is often!), I check out lots of fiction, audiobooks for listening in the car on road trips, and unique or fun cookbooks when I need to spice it up in the kitchen. Pun intended.

We also check out lots of DVDs at our library. They have a great selection, and cardholders can check out up to TWENY DVDs for up to seven days at a time. Booya! The best part is they have new releases and classics, and documentaries, TV series, and children's movies.

This afternoon I bolted over to the library to grab a few movies, rather than to the video store where rentals cost $4.99 each for only a few days. We don't have cable, Netflix, Hulu, or any other TV subscription service. Since we're on a spending strike, a trip to the video store was not an option.

What did I get? What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The East, and Looper.

Yep. A pretty eclectic mix, huh?


Here are the numbers -

Money Spent Today: $0
Running Total: $0
Money We Didn't Spend: $5 at the video store


Before I go, you need to enter the give away to win a book/workbook set of The Spending Strike by Sarah Baker. Michelle and I are giving away four sets of books/workbooks to four of our readers, and you only have until January 11th. The winner could be YOU!



  1. I need to use the library more! Although to be fair we have to pay a small fee to take out DVDs, not sure how much but will be my task today to find out, the library is across the road from where I work so no excuses, thanks for that Kelli!

    1. As long as they are cheaper than the video store, or your Netflix or Hulu membership (if you have one), I would totally check into it! Good luck :)

  2. We are at the library ALL the time. I personally am reading some book, checking out my gossip magazines, renting DVDs for the kids and I and much more. We also participate in kid's story time, which they love.

    1. I;ve thought about participating in an adult reading group at our library, but wonder if it will be a stuffy group, you know? I'm more of a drink wine and eat chocolate, talk about books, men, and tomatoes kind of girl.

  3. The library's great. If you manage to get your stuff back on time. Which I do not. So it's often cheaper for me just to get 88 cent books at Goodwill the pay the huge fines we accumulate. Focus. Organization. Yes, I need all of that. ;-)

    1. And those librarians mean business with those fines, girl! They add up QUICK.

  4. I love the library for e-books as well. Since getting my nook nearly two years ago, I've downloaded a ton of books free from the libtary. Sometimes I have to wait for a book to become available, but there are also plenty others available!

  5. I use the library a lot (and I set an alarm in my phone to remind me when the books have to be back). We can check in online and extend the lending time (sorry dont know the proper English word for that) when the books are nearly due. When it just isnt convient to take the books back when I should i go online and extend.
    Maybe your library does something like that. You save on fines :)


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