Spending Strike: Day 3 - The First Challenge AVERTED!

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I didn't think it would only be three days into this spending strike before I faced my first challenge. But, I have to say, I handled this one pretty creatively. Let me explain:

A group of friends and I {and John, when he's in town} get together on a weekly basis and play a music trivia game at a local bar. It's cheap food and beer, and fun entertainment. And, we're pretty good at music trivia! About a month ago at the trivia night we won several Buy One/Get One Free tickets to a local comedy club in town, and we just agreed on a date that works for all of us: Tonight.

There are five of us in our group, and we could all go for the price of two tickets. Stellar deal, huh? We were going to be fair and split the cost of those two tickets among the five of us, which meant we'd all pitch in about $5.

That's all good in theory, but I wondered how the heck I was going to scrounge up $5 for my share of the ticket. I obviously have much more than $5 in the bank, but I couldn't swipe my debit card for a month! I needed to get creative to earn some cash so I could attend.

If only John and I were soda drinkers, I could take back a bunch of cans and make an easy $5, like Sarah and her husband did in the book. But that's not going to work. I thought about scheduling a quick consignment appointment, but I just took in a bunch of items to consign on Wednesday, and I knew I wouldn't get the money for a few weeks.

Then it dawned on me. There was something I could do to earn about $5 for my ticket, and it was staring at me right from my to-do list. I needed to return a bottle of cast iron stove polish and cast iron cement to the local hardware store. I purchased two extra bottles of these supplies when I was refinishing the cast iron wood stove for John's Christmas present. Returning these items was on my to-do list for today anyway, so I grabbed my receipt and the two bottles and headed down the street.

As I was standing at the cash register, I was hoping that the total for the return would at least be $5, so I wouldn't have to break my spending strike already. Thankfully, when the cashier processed my return, the total was $7.47.

WOO HOO! I had barely squeaked by with that one, folks! However, this afternoon I got a few texts from members of our little group, and among an illness and last-minute changes of plans, we decided to hold off on the comedy night until everyone was feeling better and less busy.

I guess all that worrying I did about finding some quick cash was for nothing. It looks like I not only get to continue my perfect record for a spending strike, but I EARNED $7.47, too.

That's pretty kick ass, if you ask me.

Here are the numbers -

Money Spent Today: $0
Running Total: $0
Money We Didn't Spend: $5 on a ticket to a comedy show


  1. Hehe! Good job, Kelli! We got surprise settlement checks from a lawsuit for Washington Mutual - our home mortgage company for the very first home we bought back in 2001!!! We had no idea about the lawsuit, but I am a tad richer today. Saving it for groceries...and blogging about it in my Week 1 Wrap-up post!

    1. What an awesome surprise! One time we got a refund from our insurance company for a medical bill we had paid about a year earlier, and it made my month. Those are the best :)

  2. I have to ask...what about buying things like milk, eggs, bread and cheese for example throughout the month?
    I know the other blogger that I mentioned saves up gift cards that she has earned to buy some of the needed groceries such as those.

    1. Hey, Marsha! It's just my husband and I in our household, so one normal grocery trip will suffice for us for the month. We will do a LOT of eating from the pantry and deep freeze. One gallon of milk probably won't last us for a month, but it won't kill us to go without for the last week or so. And, I had dry milk that I can use for cooking. I bought a dozen eggs at the beginning of the month, and had a few leftover from my last trip to the store, so I think that will hold us over for a month. If not, looks like we go without! :) I also make my own bread and buns, and have plenty of ingredients for that for over a month, actually. And, I'm a cheese-hound, so I buy cheese in bulk and freeze it. We have plenty of cheese for the month in our deep freezer that we will be using. If we get low at the end of the month, I might start to sweat a bit :)

      The most important thing is to customize this strike to fit the needs of your family. Clearly, my husband and I can 'go without' a lot easier than a large family with small children, or someone on a special diet. If we had kids, I might allow myself a $30-50 grocery trip mid-month for milk or fresh produce, or something like that.


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