Spending Strike: Day 28 - True Friends Love My "Crunchiness"

About a week ago I met up with my group of my former teacher friends. These are ladies that I connected with right away when I was teaching full-time. Naturally, when you are immersed in a job for more than 8 hours a day with people, you get close. You become friends.

And naturally, these colleagues-turned-BFFs come to know what really blows your skirt up.

For example, one of my friends {Hey Jessica!} presented me with a late Christmas gift and it proved to me, once again, that true friends love and appreciate the intricacies of my personality and interests. She knows I'm pretty crunchy.

Jessica knew that I liked locally made products, and fun and funky items. I'm thinking that's why she got me this hand soap from J.R. Watkins:

She also knew that I am into all things DIY, all things chemical-free, and a clean and healthy home. So she clipped a graphic from a magazine containing several homemade cleaning product recipes:

Then there's my girlfriend, Jenn. You remember her from last week when she guest posted about her budgeting strategy. She is an awesome friend, because last year for my birthday she gave me a little jar of "Gardener Hand Scrub". Homegirl knew that I liked homemade gifts, and that I have grubby gardener hands.

So she made me this:

I have an awesome circle of friends. They ask me about my garden, and how the chicken ordinance is coming along in our town. They ask my advice about making a rain barrel, or what veggie to plant in a shaded area of their yard. They recommend crunchy Facebook pages for me to like, because they know me, and know what I dig.

I love it when my friends pay attention to the little things in our conversations, and appreciate my crunchiness.

Those are true friends. Friends worth holding tight.

What have you done lately to be a good friend? Have you offered a favor? Lended advice? Shared a laugh? 

Here are the numbers -

Money Spent Today: $0
Running Total: $75
Money We Didn't Spend: $0


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