I'm Not Shopping Today.

It's the morning of Black Friday, and I'll give you a little hint as to where I'm located:

I've been here for the last 6 or 7 hours. John is in the area. And, I'm wearing yoga pants. 

Wait. Those hints might lead you to believe that I'm out and about, doing some Black Friday shopping. Not so, friends. Not so. I'm at home, making a light breakfast for John and I. Christmas music is playing on Pandora on the laptop in the kitchen (I spent a few minutes clearing a little nook in our butler so my laptop would be out of the way of grease and splatters), and I have intentions of doing a little clean up outside today, and working on some crafty projects.

Like finishing up a little Christmas decorating.
I set my tree up on Monday night. 

And making some magnets for our fridge.
DIY tutorial to come next week. 

And gathering up junk around the house to consign.
I take crap to a consignment shop about once every other month, or so. I hate clutter!

And freezing a bunch of turkey stock from yesterday.
Do you have any idea how awesome my house smelled all day yesterday? Heavenly. It smelled heavenly. 

None of the items on my agenda have anything to do with shopping, or spending any money really. I'm actually giving a few gift cards this year. Call it tacky, but unless I know without a doubt that a person will absolutely love the gift I am giving them, I will totally give a gift card. No shame in that, sister!

Plus, many of our family members really dig some of the things John and I have made around our house, and have requested something similar for their own homes. How awesome is that?! Pretty easy holiday 'shopping' if you ask me.

This is the best kind of gift-giving for us, especially because it doesn't require us to venture out into the mass chaos of Black Friday shopping, or we can use our creativity to make a gift for another. But, that's really only one reason why I'm not shopping today. 

The other reason is that I simply do not want to play a role in the senseless spending that is overtaking our minds right now. And, I'm a tight ass. If I go shopping today, even if it's just for one thing, I will end up buying and spending more than I intended.

I, like the rest of Americans, lack self control. Imagine that.

So, today I will make my way around the house cleaning, working on DIY projects that need some attention, and might spend an hour or two at the dog park.

Which is a way better use of my time than shopping, in my opinion.

What are you doing today? Are you shopping? Staying home? Hanging with family and friends? Tell me all about it!


  1. So I did do a little shopping with my sister, but not at any big multiretailer outlet store. I convinced my sister that we didn't need to be at the fabric store when it opened, so we didn't get to town until 8 am, which was huge for us! Since fabric is so expensive it is hard to pass up 1.49 a yard fabric when you have gifts in mind to make with it! The only other place we went was Michaels to get a few notions that I needed to finish some jewelry gifts. So in all I have to say we did good. We avoided walmart, target menards, and all the rest! We were home by noon and I am going to go make some beads and start on some Christmas gifts! :) Have a great day Kelly!! :)

    1. When I did do Black Friday shopping, I always found myself at the craft stores, too! A few things for me, and a few things to make gifts.

  2. My husband, the dogs & i rented a cabin in the country for the weekend, so no shopping for me either, unless i take a friend up on her offer to take me to the Amish bulk store nearby tomorrow.

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