One Act: September

This month John and I are trying something new: We're serving dinner on Tuesday nights to Kindergarten through Sixth grade kids who would otherwise not have a meal that evening.

The Marion Cares organization in our town partners with local churches to offer meals for children every night of the school week. The meals are served at a different location each night throughout town, and one location at a huge mobile home park nearby has a particularly high number of school-age kids in need of some supper.

It was so easy for us to become involved in this type of service. I simply got an email from the Marion Cares Director - he was in need of at least three volunteers every Tuesday. We just needed to show up with a positive attitude.

And we did.

At first I didn't think I could keep up with another endeavor. I mean, amongst traveling with John, substitute teaching when I'm not traveling, projects around the house, workin' on this 'ole blog, volunteering with other organizations, and actually having a social life, I didn't think I could squeeze it in. I quickly leaned that this hour of my time would be one of the easiest things I did all week. Local churches provide the food - a hot dish, a vegetable or fruit side, a dessert, and milk - we just serve it, offer up seconds, chat with the 25 to 30 kids in attendance, help them clear their spot at the table, and wish them a good evening.

That's it. One hour. Bada-bing-bada-boom.

Also, it's worth mentioning that John and I aren't particularly religious. We are both believers - Christians - but are not as active in our faith as we could, and should be.

The Marion Cares organization is faith-based, so the hour before the meals the kids are invited to a "Bible School" type of class hosted by high schoolers and other young adults. They have a chance to learn about Jesus, interact with teenagers, and cut loose a little bit. There is a brief, fun prayer before the meal, and then it's time to chow.

I was kind of worried that the religious element would be uncomfortable for us, since we aren't as confident in our faith as others, but it felt pretty natural. I mean, isn't that was Jesus does? He creeps into your mind and heart and makes things feel 'right'?

Regardless, this is something John and I both look forward to doing for many Tuesday's to come. John's working out of town right now, so he'll miss about two months worth of Tuesday's {and I'll be heading out of town to visit him, too!}, but we still are excited to be a contributing part of our community in this way.

Like I said: It's the easiest and most rewarding hour in my whole week.

Inspire me! What good deed - big or small! - have you done recently for someone else? Are you an active volunteer? Has someone done something particularly kind or self-less for you? I want to hear allllll about it. Leave a comment. 


  1. I have spent considerable time reading your blog after you attended my Weston A. Price Chapter meeting last night. I love your blog and wish I would have visited sooner. I, like you, have a huge passion for old, charming houses, renovation, gardening, Real Food, teaching others about nutrition, etc. etc. There must be the same-type cells running through our blood! I was especially intrigued about your Marion Cares story and may need to check into it myself. Keep up the great work here - I'm glad we have met!

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