10 Things I Can't Give Up

A week or so ago I revealed our bathroom remodel, as well my new goal of depicting our home (and all endeavors, really) in a more accurate, realistic manner. Part of that transparency includes being 'real' about things we are doing that aren't sustainable or eco-friendly. Things that we could give up or do differently, but choose not to.

What? You don't think we're the picture of perfect sustainable living, do you? I hope you don't.

For example, the other day one of our friends was over working on our bathroom, and we had to leave for our niece's cheerleading competition at a high school just down the road. We hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so I asked John if he just wanted to grab a piece of breakfast pizza from Casey's or a sandwich from Burger King.

Our friend said, jokingly, "That's not very 'Sustainable Couple'."

He's right. It wasn't. But we did it anyway, and we're still alive to talk about it. We may have had a little indigestion, or packed away too many calories, but all is right in our world.

My point is, John and I are never going to reach a point where we've converted all aspects of our lives to be sustainable, eco-friendly, or organic. to be honest with you, I don't think we want to. We enjoy certain modern conveniences {and guilty pleasures}, many of which other tree-huggers and simplified individuals have long-since banished from their lives. There will come a time, hopefully in the near future, where we reach the apex of sustainability; where the planets align and our home and practices work in complete, sustainable fluidity.

Today is not that day. But the day is coming, friends. I can feel it.

Even with that time looming in the not-so-distant future, here are some things that we won't be giving up any time soon {if at all}:
  1. feminine hygiene products and toilet paper - - Don't ask me to even try family cloth. It's not happening. And I'm sticking with Playtex for 'that time of the month'. In the event of an apocalypse, I guess I'll be screwed. Until then, anything that happens down under is going to be handled with 21st century care. 
  2. select cosmetics/toiletries (nail polish, deodorant, toothpaste) - - I know you can buy eco-friendly nail polish, but for as much as I actually wear it, I'm not spending more than $5 a bottle. Toothpaste is another one of those products that I'm aware can be homemade, but I'll go out on a limb and keep my baking soda and peroxide brand for $3, rather than invest time into making something that does just about the same thing. (I know the risks of fluoride, too. I guess I'm not propelled to action yet.) Deodorant is probably the one product on here that I might try to make myself. Ok, wait. Let's be real. I'm not going to make it myself, BUT if I found some all-natural or homemade deodorant made locally, I would totally buy it. 
  3. most clothing - - I have the worst luck finding any cool clothes at consignment shops, and I take things there all the time! I don't have an eye for finding a kick ass top, or a killer skirt. So, I guess I'm totally fine with buying my clothing from the mall although, in all reality, most of my clothing comes from Target. (Girl, you can't go wrong with a v-neck t-shirt for $7.) There are some items, like pants, that I pretty much have to buy new. I have long legs and have a really hard time finding pants that fit and keep their shape after many washes. When I find a brand and cut I like, I stick with it. I'm not saying that I'll never go thrift shopping for clothing, but I think I need to go with an expert who can mentor me in the ways of consignment clothing shopping. 
  4. visits to the salon - - I love getting spa treatments. My sister is an esthetician, so I go to her for facials and spa treatments, and it's worth every.single.penny. When I taught full-time, I used to get a 60-minute massage once a month during the school year. It kept me sane. No joke. I don't get massages any more, but I still get a facial every once and a while. And I don't color my hair (I think the last time was over a year and a half ago...), but I do go to my stylist for a deep conditioning treatment and a trim. A salon experience is supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating, and cannot be recreated at home. It's simply too much work. 
  5. tortillas - - I've tried making my own, and they always turn out crusty. I'll stick with store-bought. 
  6. occasional 'fast' food (pizza and French fries) - - I LOVE PIZZA! I make it at home all the time - at least twice a month. But, I love pizza so much, that I'll never turn down the opportunity to eat pizza out with friends. At the very least, I can steal some ideas on how to perfect my own pizza recipe. And French fries? Baby, I could eat fries with every meal of every day and be 100% OK with it. I don't eat a lot of fast food, and don't buy them to make at home, but when fries are offered on the menu, you can bet I'm getting an order. 
  7. television or other means of mindless entertainment - - I've often toyed with the idea of not replacing our televisions when they bite the dust, but if I do, I need to ensure I have some form of mindless entertainment. Every person needs a moment to zone out on occasion. Whether it's watching a show on my laptop or on TV, I like to have that option. 
  8. a single non-stick skillet - - Yeah, the non-stick coating might kill me, but I still can't fry an egg in a stainless-steel pan without adding a wildly unhealthy amount of grease. 
  9. store-bought dog food - - I love Manny and Bruce. I love them so much that I will make them homemade dog treats. I don't love them enough to make their daily dog food. Judge me if you wish. 
  10. not reusing our 'grey water' - - Like the tampons and TP, don't ask me to reuse my shower water on my tomatoes (that's what the rain barrels are for). It's gross. Seriously. I conserve a lot of water - both John and I are very conscious of our water consumption, but we're not going there. In the event of an apocalypse, we might be screwed. 
What are some things in your daily life that you would choose NOT to give up in a transition to a more eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle? How does your list compare and differ from mine?


  1. Love this! I agree with most of your choices! The dog food might be my #1 because I have two little people and one large husband that come before making a home cooked meal for the dog. Great post!

    1. One of my good friends, and a pet owner, makes dog food for her pooch. I admire her tenacity :)

  2. #8 - try cast iron. A properly seasoned cast iron pan with a little butter or olive oil is PERFECT for frying eggs.

    And it won't kill you.

    1. I LOVE the taste of food cooked in cast iron :) And, yes, no death involved.

  3. Love this post...love the transparency and honesty! I must say that I do agree with you on almost all of them!

  4. :) Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop!
    I agree, especially one number 1...

  5. Totally agree. I also agree with anonymous - cast iron. I haven't used my non-stick skillet in literally years. I cook every single thing in cast iron.
    I keep trying to add other things to my list, and I can't really come up with anything. I guess that means we're internet besties all of a sudden?

    1. The ONLY thing that keeps me from using cast iron (exclusively) is that I have a ceramic, flat-top stove. Can you use cast iron on those? Won't it crack the top? I'm too scared to try it...

      Totally internet BFFs, girl.

    2. I have a ceramic cook top (hate it!) and I use cast iron all the time on it. It does require scrubbing with baking soda after use, but even my stainless steel pots mess up the ceramic. Next stove we will convert the kitchen back to gas... dreams!

  6. I love this post! I have the same stance as you. There's places where I can and want to do good for the environment and some thing where I will just not go there! lol Toilet paper will always be in our bathrooms! :)

  7. I love this! We all do the best we can in the world we live in. I want to grow the trees to grind the pulp to make my own toilet paper, but in the real world, the best I can do is buy a brand at Kroger that's not owned by the Koch brothers, who contribute money to political causes which I abhor. I want to make my own bread every time, but you know what? I make crappy bread! And you know who makes amazing bread? Subway. Dang them. Also, I ate a Big Mac recently and I thought I was going to die. Of happiness. It had been a while :) And don't get me started on the Home Depot...
    One suggestion that I have for you, Sister friend, is about what I've learned about cotton products. The cotton industry uses the majority of the pesticides in our agricultural system. A set of bedsheets uses almost two pounds of pesticides. I feel safer spending a little more for organic cotton feminine monthly products. Because they are held next to our most sacred mucous membranes, their residual pesticides can be so easily absorbed into our bodies. The organic products can be ordered on Amazon if you don't have a convenient sustainable store nearby.
    Thanks for this great post! I look forward to more!

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