One Act: August

I have been in a de-cluttering mood for several months now, and it seems that no room, closet, cupboard or drawer is safe. Recently, I went through an 'electronics' cabinet in our home office {you know, the cupboard where old memory cards, broken cell phones, or random CD-RW's are dumped} and came up with a big pile of cell phones and cell phone accessories, and old eye-wear that we no longer need or use.

Of course, these things could have been trashed, however I decided to make a little extra effort and donate the old electronics to the Best Buy recycle program, and the eye-wear to the Lens Crafters program that refurbishes them for the needy.

But first, let me take you back in time as I 'model' the eye-wear that signified my look throughout the early 2000s.

Glasses today: 
 Yes, I have a natural stink eye. Leave me alone.

First pair of glasses from 2012, which Bruce destroyed:

Glasses from 2009-2012:

Glasses from 2008-2009: 

Glasses from 2006-2008:

The loot of glasses, cell phones, and other gadgetry that were donated this month: 

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