Days Get Shorter, 'To Do' List Gets Longer.

Those apples are a thing of beauty, aren't they?

However, when I was processing these gems I also was reminded that we are still in the process of a pretty significant bathroom renovation.

And have I told you that we only have one bathroom in our house? No? Well, we do. Only one.

This is Chad, my dear old friend, who was kind enough to spend two of his precious weekends at our home working on our bathroom.

But really, I just wanted to show you these funky stilts that Chad is wearing. I watched him walk around on these things for a few hours, while processing those apples.

I used an apple corer-peeler-slicer to cut 'em up fast, added some nutmeg and cinnamon, and tossed 'em in the Crock Pot for about eight hours.

Then, I simply mash the apples a bit with a spoon, run them through the food processor with a few tablespoons of apple juice or cider, and freeze. This applesauce is perfect for baking, but we eat it fresh, too.

This is the easiest, and most 'hands-off' method for making applesauce, which is perfect for my schedule. Things have been a little crazy lately. Although I'm not subbing more than three or four days a week, I still find myself just as busy as when I was teaching full-time. Sometimes I wonder how the hell I did it when I was teaching.

Oh, wait. I was always on the borderline of an anxiety attack because of the enormous demands of my administrators, students, students' parents, and the public school system in general. In fact, as I recall, I was just as busy before as I am now, but I'm a lot less stressed.

Hindsight really is 20/20, isn't it?

My garden is keeping me plenty busy, as the tomatoes are still 'on', but aren't quite producing as much as before. Almost two months without rain, plus a heat wave, followed by typical Iowa September weather is freaking my garden out.

It's not freaking these two out, though.

I get about this amount of produce, maybe a bit more, every three days or so.

Beyond time spent in the kitchen and time spent in the garden, I am always working on crap for the damn bathroom.

I swear, last Saturday I spent eight hours painting our closet doors, trim, and wainscoting a bright white.

However, my To Do List doesn't get any shorter after that. On Monday I spent the entire day with my mom and sister, as my sister and her boyfriend were moving into their home that they finished renovating. Yesterday, I ran a bazillion errands, washed every.single.window. in my house (which took about three hours!), scrubbed about every piece of hard surface flooring in the place, served meals to 27 less-fortunate Kindergarten through Sixth grade kiddos at a HUGE local mobile home park in town, and made another batch of applesauce.

Today, in a few moments actually, I am heading to my kickboxing class, processing some tomatoes, and filling out some substitute teacher paperwork for the next state John will travel to.

That's right. He'll be heading out in a few weeks, and I am going to spend a good chunk of time with him on the road. My plan is to sub a bit while I'm with him, but I don't want to disclose too many details just yet. You'll have to wait!

But enough about me, tell me what's on YOUR fall To Do List? 


  1. I totally agree - I was a teacher before, too. Now, I'm still just as busy but not as stressed! I like that way of explaining it.

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