The Green Year: Update #2

Sometimes I just want to take the easy way out. It would just be so much...easier.

Wouldn't it be easier to grab dinner that I can just pop in the oven, or add a pound of ground beef, and call it good?

Wouldn't it be easier to hire someone to demo our bathroom, so we didn't have to go through this yesterday:

Phase one:

Phase two:

Phase three (demo is complete):

And I know it would be a hell of a lot easier to just ignore the notion of making eco-friendly, sustainable changes in our home (and lives), and go about with business as usual.

But, you know me friends. I take pride in making my surroundings as sustainable and 'green' as possible, and I don't do anything the easy way.

Today I want to share a few recent eco-friendly and green tips from The Green Year. (Read previous posts here and here.) I'll tell you about some of the tips, what I've implemented, and what I didn't do so well.

The tip for August 1st was to create electronic lists to save paper. You guys know I am a lister. I love it. I list everything, because it helps keep me organized and my anxiety at bay. Electronic lists don't really work for me when it comes to my grocery list, but I do use a dry erase board for my to-do list at home.

August 3rd's tip was to switch to an all-natural dishwasher detergent. I'll do you one better - make your own, and use my recipe.

On August 7th, the tip suggested switching to recycled toilet paper, and coincidentally we only had two rolls left, so I picked up a big pack of recycled TP, which will last us for a long time. Some of you might be crazy enough to suggest the whole family cloth concept, but I urge you to bite your tongue. There's no way John and I will be switching to family cloth any time soon. Ya, crazies.

The tip for August 12th suggested taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I wholeheartedly concur. Not only does it save energy by running the elevator less, but it gives the 'ol tushie a little workout. Also, (warning: this is a bit of a soapbox for me) if you are able-bodied, it is just good practice to leave the elevator to people who are elderly, handicapped, or not able to take the stairs (ie - woman with a million screaming kiddos and a bazillion bags, etc.). You might remember that my brother was paralyzed from the waist down in a motocross accident and, sadly, it took his accident to make me realize that oftentimes when people in wheelchairs need to use an elevator, it is occupied with an able-bodied person who could (and should) have used the stairs. End rant.

There were also some green tips in the past few weeks that weren't applicable to me, like using an eco-friendly courier service, using eco-friendly public transportation, asking about flex time at work, and using dating sites that specialize in matching up pairs of eco-friendly people.

What do you think? What are some little tips that you do every day to make your surroundings a littler "greener"? Leave me a comment, and lets get this conversation rolling, shall we? 

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