Spending Strike: August 1/2 Way Point!

This spending strike business is hard. (Read the first post here, and second post here!) And in actuality, it's a lot harder with John home. For some reason I thought it would be easier with him around - he could hold be accountable or something.

It's harder. Much harder.

Therefore, I think we might try a 'real' spending strike, as outlined in Sarah Baker's book and follow her rules and recommendations closely. I want to see if we can really do this!

Before I start looking ahead to next month, I need to focus on August. I updated you all on Facebook the other day, but I have some new 'data' to share with you as well.

Here are the numbers: 

As of August 19th, I spent $92.55 of the $100 I allotted myself for the month. From that date, I've spent a little money, and even made a little money.

Let me explain.

As of today, I've acually spent $181.31. Yep, that's waaaayyyyy over my budget. However, $50 of that was on dinner and drinks out for a dear friend's birthday, and the rest was random crap for our bathroom remodel. I know, I know - that doesn't make it better. 

However, I consigned a bunch of clothing and household items that I no longer used, and made $34. I also sold a few things on Craigslist, and made $50. These were things I had consigned and listed on Craigslist back in late July, so I really didn't anticipate the money coming in when I was in the middle of this spending strike. It was a pleasant, welcomed surprise.

And I'm totally using it to credit by 'balance' for August.

So, after 'earning' a little bit of money, I've only spend $97.31, leaving me $2.69 left for the month.

There are eight days left in the month, I've filled my car with gas, bills are paid, my menu is planned to avoid eating out, and all supplies for our bathroom remodel are purchased.

I can do this, people!


  1. Spending Strikes are SO HARD! My husband and I have been saying for the last three months - no going out to eat. And we have not been able to follow through - people asking us, birthdays, weddings, ect. have all come up. maybe fall will be easier.

    1. Carlye, I hear ya. It's especially hard when fellowship involves going out. However, John and I decided to host potlucks and appetizer nights at our house more often to curb this. So far, we are lovin' it! And, several of our friends are following suit and taking turns. It's becoming like a monthly thing :)


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