I'm Working Out Again.

I'm a little sore today. In fact, I've had sore muscles for about three weeks now, but that's OK, because I'm also 10 pounds lighter.

Yep. I've started working out again, most recently at TITLE Boxing Club. I missed it - not working out, specifically, but working out with a group of people in a boxing/kickboxing environment. 

I love every minute of working out at TITLE. The instructors push us hard, and really get in our faces about working out at our best during the 60 minute class. I like that, and I like the individual attention I get during the class. 

In the last three weeks, not only have I become more 'in shape', but I've noticed several other changes as well: 
  • I sleep more soundly at night. I still go to bed and wake up at the same times, but when I am sleeping, it's like a rock. 
  • I have less desire to snack between meals. 
  • I drink more water, because it's easier. I'm not necessarily more thirsty, but I feel better while working out and throughout my daily activities. It's feels more natural. 
  • My flexibility has improved. 
  • My clothes fit better. I haven't gone down in any clothing sizes, but the clothes I have fit much better, especially around the chest and waist. 
  • My skin has a bit more color.
  • I have more energy during the day to do random projects with John, now that he's home. What projects, you ask? Oh, projects like: hanging lattice on the side of our porch so my rose bush has something to climb on, helping John's mother organize herself for her move into 'town', updating our breezeway, and more. I think it's important to mention that John is not excited about my newfound energy. 
If you want to join me on my quest to get healthy (and rope your significant other into exhausting projects around the house), feel free to join me on myfitnesspal.com and add me as a friend. My username is kelliklane. I log my activity and food consumption on this site, which helps me stay on track. Several of my friends have had success with this site, and I've used it fairly regularly. 

Well, friends, I've got to be running. My workout starts in about 45 minutes! Wish me luck! 

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