Doors - Turned - Shop Table.

Remember this bathroom?

Well, this is what it looks like now:

We began our bathroom remodel a week and a half when we demo'd the laundry closet in our {one and only} bathroom. The only thing we salvaged from the bathroom - aside from some pieces of trim that we can reuse - were the solid oak doors from the laundry closet.

I was all for having a bonfire, but John had something else in mind.

After a quick trip to our local hardware store and $20 later, here's what I found him working on:

To really get an idea of the project, check out these before photos of the garage:

John decided to use the old doors as two shop tables, but not just any shop tables. These two doors are on hinges - horizontally, of course - and can fold down flat to the wall (the legs are on hinges, too!) or stand up with the smallest of effort.

Here's what the finished shop tables look like:

Don't you agree that these two doors, repurposed as shop tables, will be perfect for building and working on my winter house projects?

That's what I thought.

Over and out.

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