Workin' My Way Through "The Green Year".

A long, looooooonnngggg time ago {in a land far, far away} I picked up Jodi Helmer's book, 'The Green Year: 365 Small Things You Can Do to Make a Big Difference".

I leafed through it, dog-eared a few pages, and there it sat on my cluttered bookshelf. Gettin' no love from yours truly.

Until the other day when I was in another one of my decluttered moods and decided to purge the bookshelf of anything I've already read. I consigned a good chunk of my books that I already read and made a goal to read through the rest in the next few months, eventually leaving me with a clean bookshelf.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to read anymore. Duh. I am going to use my local library more. Numero Uno: It's free. And our library is huge and has an awesome selection.

Anyway, I digress.

'The Green Year' didn't make it to my trunk for consignment, because I want to work my way through it. Each page of the book has a date and green tip on it, with space at the bottom to write how you modified the idea to work better for your life.


Then, you check it off in the upper corner of the page to denote that you've made the change.

I'm clearly not starting on January 3rd. Rather, I'm beginning in July - today! - and I'll work my way through the book on a {hopefully} daily basis. To keep me honest, I'll be posting some of the green tips on Facebook. If you haven't 'liked' us yet, you better get on it. I'll share what green tips I've implemented from the book and how they're working out, hopefully inspiring you to implement the small changes as well.

It's very possible - probable, actually - that some of the tips from The Green Year won't work for us. I'm going to share that with y'all, too. For example, today is July 19th, and the green tip is: "Run your pool filter and sweeper system overnight. Cleaning your pool during off-peak hours helps conserve energy."

Well friends, girlfriend don't have a pool. Girlfriend don't even have a pond.

So it looks like I have the day off, don't I?

Carry on.

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