John Is Coming Home! {for the weekend}

Question for ya: Do you let your to-do lists get out of hand? I'm basically looking for affirmation, because I've made a doozy of a to-do list, and I need John's help with several of the items.

He only gets to come home from working in Arkansas a few times. Since March, he's been able to come home three times, for a weekend only. I've been able to visit him three times for about a week and a half to two weeks each time (now that I'm on summer break). He is coming home on July 19th for the weekend, and I. Am. Stoked!

It's going to be awesome to hang out with him at our house, visit friends and family, have a few beers, eat at our favorite restaurants, and catch a movie (compliments of my best girlfriends from the retail clothing store where I worked - THANKS Jenn, Crystal, Steph, and Ann!)

And I'm not gonna lie - I am pretty excited to work on a few projects around the house when John is home. Imagine that.

Here's a little sampling of some things I want to do while John is home:
  • Frame out the raised beds for the 2014 Garden Renovation. At the very least, purchase the wood and store it in the garage. If we don't get to making the frames this weekend, I might be able to convince my dad and brother to help me later this month.
  • IF we get the raised beds framed out, I would love to get a load of compost from our city's compost pile and work on the lasagna method of preparing our garden for next spring.
  • Wire the LED up-lighting I purchased for John in December. This lighting is gonna look when it's all set up. I just need an electrician to make it happen. *ahem* John! *ahem*
  • Price sheetrock and lumber for finishing off our side attic. We already have all the other supplies for sheetrocking our attic (screws, mud, tape, etc.), we just need to figure out how much this project will cost us so we can bang it out when John finishes up his work in Arkansas. We anticipate he'll be home for about a month, maybe two, before he heads to the next job. (And, we have our fingers crossed that his next job will either be in the midwest or somewhere kick ass. Like Florida. Or Texas. Or anywhere warm, really. Iowa winters are killer.)
Rest assured, we are going to grab a few beers, dinner and a movie. We are going to lounge around the house. We are going to spend time outdoors with the pooches.

But we're also gonna get shit done!


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