BIG Garden Plans. For {next} Year!

It's July. Roughly 8 months until next spring and the time when I plant my 2014 garden. And I'm already thinking about the changes I'm implementing in preparation for next year's garden.

For example, I'm adding at least 4 more raised beds. Probably 6 beds, depending on finances.

Here's the space we're currently workin' with:

And right now I am growing lots of tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers, lots of lettuce and spinach, basil, chives, cilantro, and carrots.

However, next year I hope to grow all of the aforementioned plus cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, sweet potatoes and potatoes, onions, oregano, bush and pole beans, and garlic. I would also like to expand the amount of space for peppers, carrots, and tomatoes.

Wouldn't it be amazing to eat even more fresh - not processed - foods next year? Fresh foods from my garden? Wouldn't it be even more amazing to be able to give some of the surplus to neighbors and friends? And to preserve (can or freeze) surplus for the long Iowa winter?

Yes. Yes, it would be amazing. Therefore, a big expansion is in the works.

To expand my garden in such an extreme manner means doubling my raised bed space. Here's my plan:

I hope to purchase the supplies - which is only the wood - for this project when John is home for a visit in two weeks. We already have everything else for this expansion, so I think the wood will cost no more than $50.

When we made the three raised beds I currently have (two years ago) it took us about 45 minutes. I hope this project takes us no more than two hours. This is super, super important because John's time home is precious.

And I have a ton of other projects I'd like his help with.



Over and out.


  1. Why do more raised beds instead of digging a garden directly into the ground? I think you may have done a post on it but i can't find it.

    1. We did have a garden directly in the ground for about 3 years, but our soil is really bad. We think there was a house or building that was buried in our backyard a LONG time ago, and it screws with our garden. So, we only do raised beds. We can control more of our soil content, and I think they look 'neater' than an in-ground garden.


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