John's New Purchase.

Hey friends!

I have something cool to share with you today. If you follow us on Facebook, you already know that John made a big purchase in the beginning of May. A purchase that will be a great asset to him as he continues to travel, and will be fun to use in our free time.

That's right. This beast is all ours.

And that man workin' the grill is all mine.

It was one hell of a financial investment for John, which I know may seem really confusing for you, since I've been writing about the financial uneasiness I have about not working full-time next year.

The good news is: We've had this planned for quite some time, and we've been able to pay off a lot of debt in the six months in order to make that happen.

I know, I know. We paid of debt only to acquire more. I get it.

Let's focus on the important details, mostly how we are making a major life transition in the next few months.

John anticipates traveling at least 9 months out of a year for the infinite future, and this will allow him to save money on the road. Not every job he works at provides a stipend for living expenses, and if a stipend is provided it doesn't typically cover the costs of a hotel and food. As a result, John (and many tradesmen who travel) live in an RV or camper regardless if a stipend is provided. You'll recall that we already had a camper, but it was very small for daily living and, as a result, was depreciating quickly. We knew John would be making a big upgrade, when the time was right.

And the time was right.

A new fifth-wheel camper will allow John to continue to travel for work and be comfortable. It will save him money on boarding, and he can pack food and necessities from home. He can cook for himself and, essentially, have everything he needs while on the road. If planned right, he would only pay to reserve campsite and groceries as needed. Woot!

There's another - and in my opinion, more important - purpose this unit will serve as well: Recreation.

We love to camp. That is our entertainment in the summer, spring, and fall. We enjoy traveling and seeing the natural parts of our country. You can read about it here. And here. And here.

Now we'll be going it in style. Take a look:
(Just don't judge some of the blurry photos - they were taken on my phone. Again.)

Clearly, the dogs are very comfortable with the new digs.

John is happy that he gets to sleep in a 'real' bed, after sleeping on a fold out bed with a foam mattress for nearly 4 months.

We don't use the shower, since most of the places we camp have shower facilities. But it's big and bright enough to use if needed.

I just love the brightness, due to all of the windows!

We broke in this baby in during our vacation to the Smoky Mountains, which is why it doesn't look 'showroom ready' in the photos. And let's be real, it's never gonna look showroom ready. Ever. If you want to stay up-to-date on the weekend camping trips we take in our new fifth-wheel or John's adventures on the road, you'll have to like us on Facebook.


Before you go, tell me about a big purchase that you made that turned out to be a great investment. Inquiring minds want to know.

Over and out.


  1. It looks nice. And the fact you have been planning for it and have excellent reasons for the big purchase justify it. The hubby and I put ourselves on the Dave Ramsey plan to pay off all of our debt. We did except for our mortgage, but then in February we purchased our dream land. It of course was a substantial loan. Our intent is to move there in 5-6 years once our youngest finishes school. We have even discussed getting a camper (not as nice as yours) to plop on the land for us to stay on weekends and vacation time so that we can get more work done. Anyway that was a mouthful. Congrats! Thanks for sharing!

    Please join us again Thursday at:
    The HomeAcre Hop


    1. It would be a productive use of your time (and FUN for your kids) to camp on your land in your free time! Great memories in the making!

  2. We are getting ready to purchase and remodel a vintage AirStream. I've always wanted to build my own home and this seems like a safe place to start. Once the remodel is done, we plan on purchasing a small piece of land and moving the AirStream permanently. We don't know if this is a wise investment yet, but we are hopeful!!!


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