Guest Post: Making a home with minimal environmental impact.

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Today I have a short guest post from Danielle McAnn.


"Danielle McAnn is a copywriter working with When Danielle's not writing content, she enjoys swimming, shopping and taking her Golden Retrievers for a walk."

Because the home is the center of life, it should be the place that you put the most effort into. It should have you stamped all over it. These days, we have a big responsibility, bigger than ever before and it's not going to stop getting bigger. It's the environment, and it should be our primary concern when building, renovating, working on, or just simply running the home. Even small homes and city homes have hugepotential for sustainability and for being helpful rather than harmful to the environment. When you start looking, you will see than things we take for granted or do without thinking can be modified and changed for the better, and can inestimable impacts on the earth. Being environmental doesn't mean doing without. It just means doing things slightly differently.

If you are planning works on your home, go to a hardware store like Sunlite Mitre 10 and ask them about things like water tanks, solar panels, pipes and tap fittings that will ensure that very minimal amount of water and electricity are needed in the day to day running of your home. Leaky pipes are one of the worst water wasters going around. The great thing about being environmental is that you save moneytoo! Better than that, the further you go in waste-proofing your home, the more you will find that conserving energy and being gentle on the planet is personally satisfying and rewarding. Thinking about preserving the planet for generations to come gives me great joy, and I love to tally up how much I've saved so far in my own endeavours around the home.


Many thanks for sharing, Danielle! 

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