Memphis in May 2013, Baby!

Friends, I had an amazing weekend. I feel like my soul is a little more centered. I feel more like myself, ya know? 

Oftentimes I think that teaching sucks the life out of me. It really has nothing to do with the students. Honestly. It's the bureaucracy, the administration, the standardization of education - all of those things kill my spirit a little bit. 

These welcome respites from school - even long weekends - are what helps me get back to the essence of who I am. 

Beer and barbecued meats help too. 


While in Memphis for the Beale Street Music Festival we took in the sights, like we've done for four years before. Each year we try to do a few new things during the day before the music starts. 

This year we visited the hotel where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. 

It was a surreal experience, to be standing in the place that looks just like it did years ago, a place that looks just like the pages of my high school history textbook.

We also visited a home that was a stop on the underground railroad. We spent about 3 hours wandering a middle-class Memphis home, built in the 1850s, and were guided by a docent who had meaningful things to share with our group. This (and a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Illinois) was one of the best "museum-like" experiences I've ever had.

As for the music festival, let's just say it was a muddy weekend. Our hotel housekeeper probably hated us.

Thank goodness we brought our shit-kickers. In the four years we've come to this festival, every year requires some sort of rain gear or mud boots.

It was a mess. A beautiful, musical, muddy mess.

Don't believe me? Take a look:

And no, it wasn't a weekend to be a fashionista, that's for sure.

There was one afternoon where the weather was beautiful, so we decided to ride the Main Street Trolly to Gus's Fried Chicken. 

We waited for over an hour for a table, but it was worth the wait. And weight. 

That evening was the perfect storm of music, and it culminated with ZZ Top.

We were about four rows from the stage. 

I could see every rhinestone on their jackets. I could run my fingers through their beards.

Ah. Maze. Ing.


In general, it was awesome to see John for a little bit, even though he doesn't come home until the end of May.

Alas, three days of music, beer and barbecue is all a girl needs to get through the end of the school year and a few months away from her husband.

Over and out.


  1. Nice to connect with you (via your mom's promotion on FB...I'm Grace Brant Spindler's son)...especially getting to see this post about Memphis in May. Although I've been in Iowa for the last 18 years, I still get a "hankerin" for some of my hometown, Memphis BBQ. By the way, I saw ZZ Top in concert at the old Ellis Auditorium on 8/2/74 in second row, center seats. I'm sure they are still putting on an outstanding show.

    1. Many thanks! I agree, there's nothing like Memphis barbecue. Really, there's nowhere like Memphis. Period. I love that city.

  2. What a great trip! Thanks so much for sharing this on The HomeAcre Hop!


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