An Extension of Time: Part Two.

I'm a hot mess right now. Straight up. Ain't gonna lie.

John is going to be working in Arkansas until August. This is the second delay that he has experienced on this job. He was supposed to come back to Iowa (and work in the Omaha area) over the summer, but was offered an extension at Arkansas Nuclear One in Russellville. The pay will be fantastic, and it's a great opportunity. How could we say no?!

This is no bueno for me, though.

It means I am going to spend a few weeks at home and a few weeks in Arkansas. All. Summer. Long. I'll have a lot of road time, but at least I'll get to see John every few weeks. Thank goodness school is almost out and I can begin traveling whenever I want.

It's important to express how awesome my friends have been these last two months. Among trips to the park with my BFF Kara and her kids, dinners and drinks with the ladies from work and friends from my former part-time job, to conversations over the phone or Facebook - I'm a lucky lady. My mom has also been a rock star and 'talked me down' from an emotional breakdown on more than one occasion.

Granted, I did lose my cool the other night and bawled for 30 minutes when I couldn't start the lawn mower...

But that's neither here nor there.

Most importantly, before John accepted the job extension, he confirmed that we can still go on our Smoky Mountain vacation and he can still come home to help me pack up my classroom on my last day of school. So, this means I will get to see him for a few days coming up! YEAH!

For you, dear blogging friends, this job extension means I won't be able to show you the new fifth-wheel that John bought until mid-June. After all, I haven't even seen it yet, and won't see it until school is out and we go to the Smokies. I may upload a photo or two to our Facebook page, so you can go there to get the latest.


All ya'll are amazing. Seriously. Thank you for being loyal these past few months.

Over and out.


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