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Are you a new reader?

A veteran reader who would like to explore the nooks and crannies of our blog?

Bored and want to read about some of our shenanigans?

Either way, I am pleased to share with you some of our most popular blog posts and some of our favorite blog posts (although they aren't as popular, for some reason...).

So, as you peruse the posts that follow, please leave comments! Feedback or just to say hello, I don't care - I just want to hear from you!

Without further ado, here are the 10 most popular Sustainable Couple posts:
(as of March, 2013)
  1. Read about the Dry Salsa Mix that you can use to quickly make delicious salsa from canned or fresh tomatoes. 
  2. Of course, after making some salsa, you must make this Homemade Laundry Soap
  3. Tastefully Simple makes a great garlic seasoning, but why pay full price when you can make your own?! 
  4. While you're at it, save the planet and make your own rain barrels
  5. My husband must really love me, because on Valentine's Day he made me several more rain barrels. What a bunny. 
  6. Check out the vintage wall art I created out of an old ladder and some painter's canvas.
  7.  My living room seemed to be the focus of my eco-friendly crafting. Here I created a media console from an old dresser for $9. 
  8. People must be really interested in my day job and lack of decisiveness, because a post on our future was also pretty popular. 
  9. Similar to #8 above, John's job is pretty interesting, too. And possibly hypocritical
  10. We're licensed foster and adoptive parents, but mostly do respite care. Of course this post is popular - there's a baby photo in it!

Want to dig a little deeper? Perfect.

Here are 10 of our favorite Sustainable Couple posts:
(as of March, 2013)
  1. I started making a headboard out of two old doors. I finished it here. 
  2. We celebrated our two year anniversary a few years ago, but I still love reminiscing. 
  3. Here's my very, very first post ever. I like it because it's nostalgic. 
  4. This one doesn't even count as a post - but I love the first photo. Enough said.
  5. I obtained my master's degree a few years back. Check it out. I am the one in the black and pink top.  
  6. I tried to sew bunting once. My sister had to save the day. Read about it
  7. Three upcycling projects in one day. Can't beat it. Or can you? Prove it. 
  8. I did some major work in our foyer last year. And I'm so proud of it!
  9. I'm also super proud of my work on this faux fireplace
  10. Lastly, I found a coffee table and two end tables on Craigslist and junked 'em up. I think it looks stellar. 

What an awesome sampling of posts! As always, leave comments on your favorite posts. I love hearing from readers and promise to respond in turn. 

Over and out.


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