One Week 'til John!

Memphis in May is in one week. That mean's only one more week until I get to see John.


Allow me to share a blast-from-the-past post about John:


That John, he's a keeper, ya know.

There are many things I love about my husband.

He's calm, never jealous, has a mellow demeanor, and is passionate about his job and his hobby (music). John has goals, and almost always achieves them.

He's also a really hard worker, and serves on committees and boards that better the community in which his Local Union serves. Sexy, right?

We have a lot in common, too. We like live entertainment, dining out, being outside, traveling, camping, watching comedy movies, smoked food and barbecue.

He also is beginning to love the things that I love. Things he once chuckled at when I wistfully talked of them. Things like growing our own food, gathering rain water to reduce commercial water consumption, recycling everything, buying locally, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Lately homeboy even talks wistfully about living on a little acreage where I can grow produce to sell locally, with a shop where he can tinker with producing biodiesel. We sit out on the front porch and we hash out the details together. I know, I know - our plans are a long shot. In fact, we're looking at something like this more than 10 years down the road. But at least we're both traveling on the same road.

The best thing about John is that he hasn't changed for me, he's changed with me. Our interests and values have transformed together, and that makes us a pretty solid couple.

John is pretty cool, because he lets encourages me to pursue things outside of our mutual interests. He wants me to be a better person, acquire knowledge, and achieve personal and professional growth.

Some spouses get jealous, or feel left behind when their spouse starts making headway.

Not this guy.

Because he works just as hard as me at the things he's passionate about.

And he works even harder for things that we both enjoy.

And really, how can you not love that.

Plus, we have fun together.

A friend once had her relationship turn sour after a few years. When I asked her what she thought went wrong, she said "I don't think we were friends first. We just became lovers."

I'm happy this man is my friend, too.

I think I'll keep him around for a few more years.

Like my dad asks, concerning walleye, "Is it a homer?"

Yep. He is.


Over and out.


  1. You and John are so cute! I think being friends first is the greatest! I believe it gives you a stronger foundation to stand on and grow. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I'm working on a post about how we met, too. I think being apart for several months is makin' me a sap :/

  2. wow, that really looks like such an amazing get-away!! i'm so happy you got to go. Have a lovely time with 'til John!


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